Best Black Friday Sales for Coffee Gear 2021

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I’ve created this post to bring you the very best deals I’ve been able to find in the run up to Black Friday,

Lots of people have been emailing me asking if there are any black Friday deals I can share on particular machines, where should they go to get the best deal on various machines.

I’ve been replying directly to people, but then it dawned on me (I’m a bit thick, I should have done this earlier…) that I should create a post about this, sharing the best deals I can find and updating them as they change, and share this with everyone. So here we go :-).

When it comes to the deals for Sage machines, as you’ll see below, some of the best deals are on Amazon. but, I have a discount code at the time of writing which in some cases makes Sage appliances the best deal. 

Email me: [email protected] for the discount code, and this will give you the very best deal (the best deal I’ve ever seen, actually) at the time of writing for the Barista Express, Barista Pro and Barista Touch. 

Sage Smart Grinder Pro Review.

Sage Smart Grinder Pro Review.

Check Price – Amazon UKCheck Price – Sage Appliances

At present, the best deal for the Sage Smart Grinder pro, is from Sage appliances, when the discount code I have to share with you, is applied. There’s a deal on Amazon which isn’t bad, but it’s not currently quite as good as the 15% discount code I have.

Check Price - Amazon UKCheck Price - Sage Appliances

Right now, as you’ll see if you check the prices from Sage and from Amazon, the very best deal you’ll get is on Amazon. Even with the discount code I have, you’re still saving quite a bit with the Amazon deal.

Check Price - Sage Appliances

While I have the discount code to share, as far as I’m aware, the best deal you’ll find at the moment for the Bambino, is directly from Sage Appliances.

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Amazon UK is the place I’d usually expect to find a better deal if anywhere, and the new Bambino is yet to hit Amazon (at the time of writing). 

Check Price - Amazon UKCheck Price - Sage Appliances

Right now, without a doubt, the best deal – as far as I can see, is from Sage Appliances directly, with the discount code. If this ends in the run-up to Black Friday, then the Amazon deal will be slightly better, by a few quid, without this discount code.

If you’re wondering what the crack is with the video above, by the way… We’d just gone into the first lock down, and “wear a mask” was one of the new things we were being told to do. Bojo didn’t specify what kind of a mask, though ;-).

This was my tongue-in-cheek nod to the very weird time we were just entering.

Check Price - Amazon UKCheck Price - Sage Appliances

If you check the prices above at both Sage Appliances and Amazon, you’ll see that Amazon have a slightly better deal.

But this isn’t the case if you email me for the discount code, while it’s still valid! 

Check Price – Amazon UKCheck Price – Sage Appliances 

Again, right now Amazon have the best deal for the Barista Pro, but again, not with the code I currently have. So, if you’d like to get it even cheaper than the current pre Black Friday sale price, email me and I’ll send you the code.

Check Price – Amazon UKCheck Price – Sage Appliances 

The current deal on Amazon is actually very, very good – but once again, the code I have, at the time of writing, even wipes the floor with this one! 

So, right now (and I don’t know how long this code will be valid for) the best deal for all the Sage Barista machines is from Sage appliances, but only if you have this code.

Check Price – Amazon UKCheck Price – Sage Appliances 

At the time of writing, the very best deal I can find for the Sage Oracle is on Amazon, as this gives a higher discount than the discount code I have. 

Check Price – Amazon UKCheck Price – Sage Appliances 

At the moment the best deal I’m aware of for the Oracle Touch, is direct from Sage, with the code I have.  As I’ve said, I’ll be keeping an eye on this in the run up to Black Friday, and I’ll update the post if this changes.

Check Price – Amazon UKCheck Price – Sage Appliances

The best deal right now, for the Sage Precision brewer, is definitely direct from Sage, with the discount code I have (remember just email me for that).

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Gaggia Classic Acrobat.

Gaggia Classic Acrobat.

Check Price – Gaggia Direct

This is the new limited edition run of the “Acrobat” 30 year anniversary special Gaggia Classic Pro. They’ve made just 3000 of these, all numbered, and if you enter the discount code COFBLACR at Gaggia Direct, you’ll get £50 off, which makes this the best deal in the UK for the Acrobat, that I’m aware of.

Watch this space for more deals from Gaggia – coming soon!

These are the best deals I can currently find for various coffee gear, most of which I’ve previously reviewed or mentioned in other posts or youtube videos.

Klarstein Trieste – Coffee Grinder

Check Price – Amazon UK

This is an interesting grinder, because as far as I can see it’s the same grinder as the Gaggia MD15 but during this Black Friday deal, it’s almost forty quid cheaper. 

Having said that, I do have a discount code for the Gaggia MD15, if you enter the code COFBLMD15 at checkout at Gaggia Direct, you’ll get it for a tenner cheaper, but still not quite as cheap as the Klarstein. 

These grinders, by the way, are fine in my opinion for most manual brew methods, and for espresso with pressured baskets, but they’re not intended for espresso with traditional baskets. 

I’d see these grinders as an alternative to the Wilfa Svart, Melitta Calibre & Baratza Encore.

Check Price - Amazon UKCheck Price - Sigma UK

This is my favourite mid-priced brew scale. I’ve used a few, and I’ve stuck to these.

The newer version (updated since my video below) is slightly better, with a slightly better build inside, new tactile and visible buttons, and an on/off switch on the side to prevent accidentally turning it on, which I did a lot ;-).

There’s a deal on Amazon, but by far the best price for these at the moment is from Sigma UK. 

Check Price – Amazon UK

Read My Review

This is a ridiculously good Black Friday deal on Amazon for this bean to cup coffee machine from Delonghi. 

The ESAM 4200 is a really good machine for the money even when it’s not available for this price, but for the price it’s available for at the moment it’s a bargain!

Check Price – Amazon UK

Read My Review

This is another really good bean to cup machine for the money, from DeLonghi, even when it’s not on sale.

If you’re thinking of buying a bean to cup coffee machine, and you have a few hundred quid to spend (very much entry-level for bean to cup machines) I think this is a great option while the Black Friday deal is on.

Check Price – Amazon UK

This is a very popular one-touch “cappuccino maker” bean to cup machine from DeLonghi, and this is one of the best black Friday deals on Amazon at the moment for coffee machines, in terms of total discount. It’s almost half price.

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Check Price – Amazon UK

Read My Review

This is the same DeLonghi Dedica that I’ve reviewed here and on YouTube, only it’s red. While I might prefer the black, or the silver one, on the Black Friday sale the red version is almost fifty quid cheaper than the black or the red one!

I’ve once bought a Dedica for the same price as this Black Friday deal, it was the one I reviewed, but I only got it for this price on eBay as a damaged box deal. I do think this is a very good price for this machine.

Check Price – Amazon UK

This isn’t a bad little machine for the money. It’s not in the same leagues as the Sage machines, or the Gaggia classic, but it’s a fraction of the price – and for that price, I really don’t think you can grumble. 

If you need a little machine, or if you’re looking for a gift for someone, and you want a reasonable amount of change back from ten tenners… this really isn’t a bad shout, in my humble opinion. 

The only catch is that this very good black Friday deal isn’t for the Black model, it’s for the yellow one ;-), I actually think it works though in this colour, it’s supposed to be a quirky, retro-looking kitchen appliance and I think the colour helps with that. 

Check Price – Amazon UK

This is an interesting bean to cup machine from Melitta, that I’ve not reviewed as of yet, but I will. What’s particularly interesting about it, is it is for people who purely want espresso and espresso-based coffees, and who don’t need steamed milk.

Nearly all other bean to cup machines assume the user wants to steam milk, and a common question I get is what bean to cup machine to go for if they’re not interested in steaming milk. 

This makes a lot of sense, as there are a loads of people out there who like Americano with a splash of milk, or who only drink coffee black.

So if you, or someone you’re buying a coffee gift for doesn’t need to steam milk, this is a Black Friday deal worth having a look at. 

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