Volcanica Coffee Review

Who Is Volcanica Coffee?

The History

Volcanica Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that started out as a family owned business some 15 years ago. The business started as a small roaster that wanted to bring good coffee in a market overwhelmed by poor quality and over-roasted coffee beans. The first coffees they sold were Costa Rican from volcanic regions.

Since coffee from Costa Rica was a fantastic success on the US market, the company sourced beans from other volcanic regions, like Hawaii and Jamaica. From there on they looked for more and more Volcanic origins, a good indicator of a excellent coffee.

We review four wonderful Volcanica Coffee beans: 

  • Costa Rica Tarrazu, 
  • Toraja Sulawesi – White Eagle,
  • Sumatra Mandheling, and
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.
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Gourmet Coffee – Single Origin Volcanic Soil Coffee Beans

Volcanica Coffee positions on the gourmet coffee niche, and it not market itself as a cheap coffee vendor. But, they sell single origin coffees at a competitive price. All their beans are sourced from volcanic soil origins, and high altitude. These coffees are is well worth the money and then some.

Volcanica caters to coffee lovers with discerning palates.

My Favorite Volcanica Coffee Beans

I tried rather a few of their coffee beans and they are all fantastic, but these coffees are my favorites. The beans are sourced from Volcanic origins and gently selected for their unique flavor and aroma. The coffee is roasted to order, so you will never get stale coffee. 

Maybe more important than everything else is the artisanal roasting. All coffee is custom roasted in such way to improve its terroir tastes, elevating the beans. For instance, I have tested African beans from the majority of roasters. Some of those were over-roasted to the point that the delicate tastes of the beans were almost destroyed. Some other were under-roasted and coffee was invariably sour, no issue what brewing method I used. Getting the right roast is critical for a gourmet coffee, and Volcanica nail the excellent colour for every bean they sell.

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Volcanica – Costa Rica Coffee Reserve – Tarrazu

Tarrazu is the many famous of the eight coffee growing regions of Costa Rica. With coffee growing at altitudes between 4000 feet and 6300 feet, a rich volcanic soil and a climate just excellent for coffee growing, it’s no wonder the beans from this region are so beloved everywhere in the world.

This coffee is a dark roast nevertheless not overly roasted. This roast degree allows the acidity of Tarrazu coffee to survive, and enhances the excellent chocolate notes. These are great beans for those who like a strong coffee. You can brew this in a French push, in a coffee makeking equipment, or in a Moka pot. Because it’s a dark roast, any other brewing process works. 

I love Costa Rica Reserve, but I love the Costa Rican Peaberry coffee even more. The chocolate notes are more pronounced, and the coffee explodes, basically with aromas. The peaberries beans are a little bit more expensive than the typical ones, however they are worth it. Check the  Costa Rican Peaberry coffee here.  

Toraja Sulawesi, White Eagle

This unique coffee comes from Toraja, a remote part of the mountainous region of the Indonesian island Sulawesi. Coffee plants grow here in the shade of big trees, at altitudes of about 4600 to 6200 ft. 

White Eagle coffee is a rare variety that grows in Toraja region, and is picked and kept separately because is the best Sulawesi variety. Not only is the perfect but the production is lower than other varieties. The region produces only around 500 bags per year. 

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This coffee is really smooth and sweet, with bold chocolate notes and a fruity acidity for a great balance. The coffee can be used for all concentrated coffees, I personally love to brew it as espresso coffee, French push and Moka pot. Toraja coffees have a big body and syrupy mouthfeel, that pleases the old school coffee lover. But at the same time it has a fruity flavor that is a modern trend in coffee.

Sumatra Mandheling – Organic

Another Indonesian origin is from the Sumatra island. Sumatra Mandheling grows at altitudes between 2500 to 5000 feet in Padang. 

Like all Indonesian coffees, it has an sufficient body. The Mandheling has a low acidity, with a syrupy aftertaste and earthy tones that remind of licorice. The exotic flavor of Sumatra Mandheling is the preference of lots of coffee aficionados, and to preserve the origin taste, Volcanica roasts these beans medium. 

Sumatra Mandheling is a ideal preference for concentrated coffees, it can be prepared with a French press, with a Moka pot, as an espresso coffee, or even in a filter coffee maker, if you like stronger coffee. It’s one of the coffees that works best for making cold brew

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe is district in central southern Ethiopia. Coffee grown here is famous for its exotic taste and for special characteristics found in coffee grown at high altitudes.

Yirgacheffe grows at altitudes between 5600 and 7200 ft. This altitude qualifies the beans as Strictly High Grown coffee. The high altitude slows down the growth allowing more time for the bean to absorb nutrients and develop their tastes.

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Yirgacheffe coffee has a bright acidity with floral notes and fruity undertones. The beans are medium roasted in order to retain the delicate chocolate and lavender notes that are appreciated by coffee aficionados. 

We advise brewing this with a manual dripper, or a good automatic drip coffee makeking device

Quality and Certifications

Volcanica Coffee Company is fully certified by the CIB (Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica) and they are proudly displaying the official seal on the website next to all of the certified products. This is a guarantee that you are getting genuine Blue Mountain and not a counterfeit

All coffees are roasted and optionally ground upon ordering in order to provide absolute freshness for the perfect coffee experience.

Volcanica Coffee always seeks to work directly with coffee farms and local cooperatives. They travel to the remote coffee farms to source the best of the perfect coffee beans and ensure top quality. By removing intermediary not only they ensure the best coffee quality, however they likewise contribute to sustainability removing intermediary commissions.

Volcanica Coffee scored Wonderful on trustpilot.com. They are rated 9.3 out 10 by the customers, which is incredible. You can see almost 400 reviews here.


Volcanica Coffee donates 1% of retail sales to charity: water projects. These contributions go directly to sustainable, community-owned water projects in developing countries. You can read more about this project here.

This article is based on an idea that firstly appeared at Coffee Brewing Methods, a website that publishes coffee brewing guides, equipment reviews, and coffee beans buying guides.

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