Caffè Latte

Caffè Latte is a drink commonly prepared with one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk. The name is a portmanteau of the Italian words Caffè, which means coffee, and Latte, which means milk.

Internationally, the name is commonly shortened to simply latte. As this is just the name for milk in Italian, if somebody orders a “latte” in Italy, they will simply receive a glass of milk.

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Originally, the name Caffè Latte just referred to a milk based coffee in Italy. This would be similar to the café con leche in Spain, the café au lait in northern Europe, the milchkaffee in Germany and the cafè creme in France. These milk based coffees are larger drinks, served typically in an 8 oz cup, as opposed to shorter milk based drinks such as the cortado, piccolo or espresso macchiato, which are served in a 2 oz demitasse.

This dictionary word firstly appeared at The Dictionary of Coffee Terms, a website publishes and maintains a free online coffee and espresso related Dictionary.

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