7 Best Coffees at Tim Hortons: 2022 Options Ranked & Reviewed!

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With a number of hundred Tim Horton locations across the United States, particularly in New York, Ohio, and Michigan, you might be wondering what coffee varieties are available. While the company often adds and eliminates items to keep things fresh, here’s a list of the most popular options, with details about each one, so you can make an informed purchase.

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The 7 Best Coffees at Tim Hortons

1. Original Blend Double Double

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  • Ingredients: Coffee, sugar

The Original Blend Double Double is the basic coffee at Tim Hortons, and it’s one of the a lot of popular options. It tastes wonderful and comes standard with two sugars and two splashes of milk, which is how it gets its name. It’s the wonderful way to start your day or to warm up on a cold afternoon.

2. Latte

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  • Ingredients: Espresso, steamed milk

The Latte contains espresso coffee and steamed milk to create a great-tasting beverage that can boost energy to get you moving. You can add more espresso shots for more caffeinated energy, and it’s a perfect alternative to a fundamental coffee when you are looking for a change.

3. French Vanilla Latte

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  • Ingredients: Espresso coffee, steamed milk, fresh vanilla syrup

The French Vanilla Latte is a more advanced latte recipe that uses high-quality flavored syrup and expertly roasted beans to produce a superior-quality drink that several people love. You can add more espresso coffee to increase the amount of caffeine that it contains, and it’s a great option if you are looking for something fancy.

4. Dark Chocolate Dream Latte

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  • Ingredients: Fresh-brewed coffee, steamed milk, chocolate whipped topping

The Dark Chocolate Dream Latte is a popular favorite, especially among chocolate lovers. It contains shots of freshly brewed coffee, cocoa, chocolate whipped cream, and chocolate pearls to create a modern treat that you will love. Add additional shots of espresso coffee for even more energy.

5. Buffalo Latte

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  • Ingredients: Espresso coffee, steamed milk, mocha, buffalo sauce

If you are looking for something that you can’t find anywhere else, we recommend trying out Tim Hortons Buffalo Latte. This unique drink contains lots of of the basic ingredients, like espresso, steamed milk, and mocha. But, it likewise contains a blast of hot sauce and a buffalo seasoning topping on the whipped cream. It’s the great preference for anyone who likes hot wings or callsfor to warm up on a cold day.

6. Iced Cappuccino

  • Ingredients: Cappuccino, flavoring, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle

An Iced Cappuccino is a great choice for hot days. It helps you get your caffeine and satisfies your sweet tooth. You can likewise add numerous tastes, including vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate, to create something that you love. It likewise enables you to change it up so it isn’t the same every time.

7. Original Cold Brew

  • Ingredients: Ethically sourced Arabica beans

Tim Hortons Original Brew Coffee is a wonderful option for people who prefer a slightly less acidic coffee with a smooth flavor. Only ethically sourced Arabica beans are used for a consistent flavor, and the beans are steeped for 16 hours to create a bold coffee that a number of people love. It likewise works as an alternative to the base coffee in the Original Blend Double Double and the Wayne Gretzky coffee.

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Can I Customize Beverages at Tim Hortons?

Yes. Tim Hortons is happy to customize your beverage any way you see fit, which is how the Wayne Gretzky Coffee and the unusual Buffalo Latte were made. You can add as much espresso coffee as you need, for example, and there are numerous flavored syrups.

Does Tim Hortons Offer Non-dairy Creamers?

Yes. Tim Hortons is sensitive to those who are lactose intolerant and has a number of dairy alternatives, including almond and oat milk, that are available in a lot of locations.

Does Tim Hortons Offer Non-caffeinated Drinks?

Yes. Tim Hortons has numerous non-caffeinated beverages for people looking for an alternative to coffee or who need to watch their caffeine levels. There’s a decaf Iced Latte, decaffeinated coffee, and even decaffeinated espresso coffee, and it likewise has a number of specialty drinks like frozen lemonade, a Greek yogurt smoothie, and a fruit chill.

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Tim Hortons has lots of great-tasting coffee options, and we recommend starting with the traditional Original Blend Double Double to see if you like its coffee. Then, try out any of the other options, like the Dark Chocolate Dream Latte or the Mint Chocolate Mocha, for something out of this world. If you’re sensation adventurous and want to try something new, we highly recommend the Buffalo Latte.

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