A Former Barista Reviews Amazon’s Best-Selling AeroPress

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Similar to a syringe, the device uses air pressure to incrementally press out the water. To use it, add a spoonful of fine grounds to a chamber, fill it with boiling water, and push down on the brewer like a plunger. If that sounds too complicated, take a deep breath—it’s so much easier to in truth do these actions than read about them.

The coffee maker comes with measurements marked on the side, a spoon for grounds that’s the exact size required for a concentrated cup of joe, and a funnel to keep hot water from spilling out. These features are so fool-proof, it’s basically impossible to mess up. And the methodology creates a much better cup of joe than any machine I’ve used, whether Keurig or Cuisinart.

To buy: Aeropress Coffee and Espresso coffee Maker, $30 (originally $35) at amazon.com

Everything about the AeroPress contributes to seriously flavorful coffee that’s aromatic and smooth, without that bitter bite so often associated with home blends. What’s more, it can brew espresso with the exact same technique; if you pick up a quality milk frother, producing lattes and cappuccinos will be a breeze. To me, it creates the highest-quality caffeinated drink that you can make at home without an espresso coffee machine, and it’s a fraction of the price of those appliances.

To get the best results each time, I have a few tricks. First, add a pinch of salt to the coffee grounds—trust me, it’s not as weird as it sounds. Second, wet the coffee filter prior to use so it’s more soluble. And third, let the hot water sit in the equipment with the grounds for 10 to 15 seconds before plunging them together. This creates a more holistic and even taste that really wakes you up.

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I’m merely one of the thousands who swear by the AeroPress. On Amazon alone, it has nearly 10,000 fantastic ratings and 4.8 stars. Shoppers have credited it with changing their opinion on coffee.

“I had no idea coffee could taste, well, not like the bitter coffee I’ve been guzzling my entire life,” wrote one reviewer. “I now consume a caffeinated drink every single morning using this an incredible coffee maker. It cleans with a quick rinse as soon as you’re done making your coffee. Takes easily under two minutes every morning to make a excellent cup of joe. I’m never going back to using anything else. I can’t say this about 99 percent of the things I buy, this $30 gadget has changed my life. I in reality mean that.”

The AeroPress has brewed my mornings (and afternoons… sometimes even evenings) so much tastier. Buy one for yourself below.

To buy: Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker, $30 (originally $35) at amazon.com

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