Discover 4 Must-Visit Cafés in Long Beach, California

The post explores four of the perfect cafes in Long Beach, California: WOOD Coffee Co., Viento y Agua, Steelhead Coffee, and Rose Park Roasters. Each cafe provides a unique experience and is known for its quality coffee, food, and community engagement.

WOOD Coffee Co. is a queer-owned and plant-based cafe located in Long Beach’s Rose Park neighborhood. It was founded by Nolan Wood, who started his coffee journey at the age of 17. The cafe aims to create a space for Long Beach’s queer community and regularly hosts events such as paint nights, co-working sessions, and vegan food pop-ups.

Viento y Agua, established in 2003, is located on Long Beach’s historic 4th Street. The cafe is known for its vibrant atmosphere and hosts normal music shows, poetry nights, open mics, and art shows. Their menu features standout items like the Mexican mocha and chai.

Steelhead Coffee has three locations in Long Beach and is known for its excellent selection of coffee beans sourced from various roasters. They offer seasonal specials like sparkling hibiscus lemonade infused with house-made rose syrup and cherry mochas made with dark chocolate.

Rose Park Roasters also has three locations in Long Beach and is renowned for its high-quality coffee selection, including the Gesha Inmaculada from Colombia. The roastery likewise offers a variety of delicious baked goods like orange thyme olive oil cake and carrot and caramelized fennel galettes. Additionally, Rose Park Roasters offers coffee delivery via bicycle throughout Long Beach as a way to connect with their customers on a more personal level.

The article ends by emphasizing that Long Beach has lots of lesser-known treasures, such as these cafes, waiting to be discovered. It urges both residents and tourists to step outside the popular areas of Los Angeles and explore the lively coffee culture in Long Beach.

In summary, the article showcases four exceptional cafes in Long Beach, California, each providing a unique experience and contributing to the city’s vibrant coffee culture. These cafes provide not only great coffee and food but likewise a sense of community and engagement through various events and initiatives.

This article was first published at Barista Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to baristas and coffee professionals.