Experience the Thrill of Test Driving the Fellow Opus

The coffee community has been abuzz about the Fellow Opus Grinder ever since it was launched a few months ago. This reasonably priced coffee grinder for home utilize has become rather popular thanks to its distinctive design, features, and price. The Opus has more than 41 grind settings, offering coffee aficionados with a wide range of options to experiment with. It is intended for work with with both espresso and brewed coffee, creating it adaptable to various brewing techniques.

The Opus has a fun and stylish packaging that matches Fellow’s modern look. Its mill has a unique cylindrical front and a matte black finish that distinguishes it from other grinders. It’s simple to set up by plugging it in, and adjusting the grind size is effortless with the selector below the hopper. The lid has a guide printed inside for reference, and the user manual gives detailed recommendations on coffee dosages and ratios for various brewing methods.

The Opus has a unique attribute – its magnetic cup that aligns with the spout and minimizes static flyers. The cup has a lid that fits under the chute where the grounds come out, reducing static even more. The coffee produced by the Opus is clear and complex due to the uniform grounds without excess fines.

Though the Opus grinding machine may not have the lowest noise extent one of its competitors, its stylish appearance and compact size compensate for this. It gives fantastic impacts considering its cost, enhancing the overall quality of home-brewed coffee. However, it remains uncertain how long-lasting the Opus coffee mill is, as this is frequently a concern with grinders in its price bracket.

To sum up, the Fellow Opus Mill is a revolutionary product in the budget-friendly home coffee grinder industry. It offers a lot of grind options, easy-to-use characteristics, and incredible output considering its cost. Although its extended lifespan is uncertain, the Opus is presently among the top choices for coffee enthusiasts seeking a superior mill priced below $200.

This article was first published at Barista Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to baristas and coffee professionals.