Five Coffee Cocktails that are Easy to Mix for summer refreshment

Coffee-forward twists on these classics create the perfect coffee drink.


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Despite their popularity in the past few years, coffee drinks have, in fact existed for longer than this amount of time. The Black Russian was invented in 1949, and the Irish Coffee in 1943, just to mention a couple.

Thanks to various aspects of the world of coffee, like Coffee in Good Spirits and barista bloggers, there are a variety of new coffee-cocktail recipes to explore from traditional cocktails that have a twist to completely new recipes. Let’s look at five coffee-based cocktails that are perfect for summer.

Coffee drinks like the Paloma Negra are a refreshing drink with caffeine that is especially needed during the summer months. Image taken by Pongsawat Pasom, for Unsplash.

Paloma Negra

Mr. Black is a coffee liqueur made of arabica beans made from Colombia, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea. It is brewed cold and mixed with Australian wheat vodka, and a hint of sugar cane. Mr. Black is the base for this refreshing drink.

Paloma Negra is a mix of Mr. Black, mezcal or tequila and pink grapefruit juice in equal amounts served over an ice-filled highball, garnished with soda and served with a grapefruit wedge.

Espresso OJ Garibaldi

Mixing espresso with orange juice is a topic that has been discussed by everyone in recent times, and the resultant Bumble Coffee is served in coffee shops across the world. It’s a mixture of OJ, coffee and caramel. However, what happens if you wanted to add something else and turn it into something perfect for a drink-filled brunch?

Two-time World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship winner Dan Fellows provides an interpretation of the classic two-ingredient Garibaldi cocktail, by including espresso to the Campari-OJ cocktail.

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Blending the juices of two oranges with making a double espresso along with 30ml of Campari will result in the perfect, fluffy Espresso OJ Garibaldi. The Campari acts as a bridge that helps blend the espresso and the juice of the orange and gives you a kind of Negroni feeling with a full summer feel.

Coffee Shochu Mojito

The Mojito is a drink that has a disputed origin and is infused with stories of pirates as well as African culture. It is known the fact that American author Ernest Hemingway helped popularize it during his time in Cuba.

In all of the Mojito variations that are available among them, this is the most original ones, combining homemade coffee-infused Shochu (a Japanese distilled spirit made from organic starch sources that replaces the traditional base of rum) with lime, mint sugar syrup, and soda.

To make the coffee cocktail mix the coffee Shochu with lime wedges and fresh mint in a highball glass. shake it around to let the flavors out and then mix in the simple syrup, crushed ice and soda. Give it a few stirs and you’ll be ready to drink perfect for cooling down the hottest summer days.

Dublin Iced Coffee

Irish Coffee is one of the most well-known coffee drinks. It’s warm, creamy and stiff, an ideal drink to drink on a cold , rainy Dublin night. But what happens if it’s summer? What happens if it’s too hot for a more hot beverage?

Dublin Iced Coffee is the perfect solution for those looking to sip a refreshing summer cocktail that recreates the traditional Irish Coffee in a modern and more refreshing manner.

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Erick Castro, the owner of San Diego’s Polite Provisions cocktail bar, reinvented the drink by combining Irish heavy cream and whiskey with cold-brew coffee Stout beer, and a simple syrup.

Simply fill the bottom of a pilsner glass with ice, then add all the ingredients, except for the cream and stir until combined. Then slowly pour the cream over the top, then sprinkle with freshly grated cinnamon, and your Dublin Iced Coffee is ready to drink at the end of dinner on a hot summer evening.

Espresso Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonic is another classic drink with an interesting story it was invented nearly two centuries ago in order to combat malaria on the Indian subcontinent. The time was when quinine drank with tonic water was used to treat the tropical disease however, the flavor was bitter enough that officials of the local military began mixing it with the gin that was already part of their daily rations together with lime and sugar to make it drinkable.

It is evident that it is no longer a treatment for malaria. Today , it is served with a variety of garnishes, and often to show the botanical flavor of the particular Gin brand. A new twist on the classic G&T is the Espresso Gin and Tonic can be made easily by adding an additional double shot of espresso to the standard recipe, and also by mixing it in syrups or other spices.

In this recipe, a mixture of homemade lemon and lavender syrup are added to Espresso Gin and Tonic, creating a perfect summer cocktail, where the savory wild botanicals of gin complement the sweet syrup, as well as the bitter double shot of espresso.

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