Join us for Chat Corner at Coffee Fest L.A.

Participate in Barista Magazine at the Conversation Corner to discuss retention, hiring equipment maintenance and more with experts from the industry at Coffee Fest Los Angeles.


BARISTA Magazine

On August 28th from noon until 4 p.m., Barista Magazine will host the very first Conversation Corner during Coffee Fest Los Angeles. The Conversation Corner will feature a Q&A with specialists in specialty coffee Heather Perry from Klatch Coffee, Jasmin McGinnis of Barista’s Daily Grind, and Air Perez of Black Rabbit Service.

The Conversation Corner will be on the floor of the show. There is no cost to attend and reservations are not required. You are welcome to drop in anytime during any session.

Learning from competition with Heather Perry

The opening session of Conversation Corner will feature Heather Perry discussing the lessons she learned from competitions that have made her a better professional in the field of coffee. Heather has won the United States Barista Championship twice and placed 2nd in 2007’s World Barista Championship. She has held a variety of roles at her family’s company, Klatch Coffee in San Dimas, Calif., and has more than two years in experience working as a frontline barista as well as manager.

Training and Retention for Staff with Jasmin McGinnis

At previous Coffee Festivals, Barista Magazine has hosted panel discussions with experts from the industry among the most frequent questions we’ve received is how to attract and keep high-quality employees. Particularly in cities and towns located outside of major markets the pool of talent available for employees may seem dwindling however Jasmin McGinnis has established an excellent specialty coffee company called Barista’s Daily Grind, in Kearney, Neb. You can learn more about her in the August and September ’22 issue Barista Magazine! She offers some great tips to impart and will be available to answer questions during the afternoon’s second session, from 1 until 2 p.m.

Air Perez posing.
Air Perez of Black Rabbit Service will discuss the best practices to keep your equipment in good shape and much more. Image is courtesy of Air Perez.

Equipment Questions Answered by Air Perez

Black Rabbit Service provides support for cafes. The founders contribute to the column “High Maintenance” for Barista Magazine, in which they respond to questions from readers. Air Perez from Black Rabbit will be in the Conversation Corner from 2 to 3 p.m. to answer your questions about maintenance of equipment, machine repair and getting the most value from the tech support you receive, and much more.

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Happy Hour

From 3-4 p.m. From 3 to 4 p.m., you are invited to come along for a fun time of socializing. On the Rocks Cocktails will serve drinks, and attendees can speak with the expert about questions or simply have a drink and end the day. Coffee Fest.

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