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New Color of Coffee Collective Brings Symposium to Houston The Color of Coffee Collective Symposium will be a celebration of different coffee professionals, as well as an opportunity to introduce young people who are interested in coffee to an exciting career. BY KATRINA YENTCH BARISTA Magazine ONLINE Over the course of 24 years in the world of coffee, a important reason that’s maintained Keith Hawkins going is its potential to affect young people. We’re not talking about caffeinating 10 year-olds but rather the opportunities for employment that coffee provides to high school students. It’s the reason Keith is the host of “Koffee With Keith,” a podcast that later became a means to connect students from Houston to part-time work in local cafes. The newly formed community-based group Color of Coffee Collective will provide a different way to carry on Keith’s work. They’ll be organizing a fun-filled event on May 14th.. The Color of Coffee Collective will have a symposium with Phyllis Johnson attending as the keynote speaker. Photo courtesy of Color of Coffee Collective. The What, Where, & When From roasters to farmers and even creatives The Color of Coffee Collective wants to see all areas of the supply chain flourish. This is why they’re hosting a conference in The Ion in Houston. The symposium will run from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. The daylong event will be devoted to welcoming the new collective’s launch as well as an impressive array of important organizations working in the coffee industry. The profits of ticket sales will go to two other organizations in the field of mental health The HOPE Leadership Academy and the TSU Wesley Foundation Girls Ministry. Moving beyond the Surface Through Discussion Expect a lot of vendors and panel discussions However, they will be positioned into the context of progress in the industry. For instance the “History of Coffee” will not be a simple story but an opportunity to understand how its past impacts the way we drink coffee in the present. Additionally, there will be tales on origin countries from the perspective of the farmers there, and discussions on roasting coffee that are understandable and accessible. The Speakers, Movers and Shakers The list of speakers is long. For the Color of Coffee Collective Symposium, Houston will welcome presenters representing well-known businesses such as Greater Goods Roasting, Three Keys Coffee, Everybody’s Busy, Deadstock, The Tipping Point Coffee and much more. Korie Griggs will host the event as well as Phyllis Johnson will deliver a keynote address on purchasing and exporting coffee. The event will conclude with a thrilling public presentation as well as the screening of Blxck to Africa, a documentary from CxffeeBlack. A Day For Youth The event is expected to be an active day (full of free coffee), Keith is most enthusiastic about bringing the younger generation to be a part of the event and is eager to see some of his “coffee friends” participating in the process of learning about coffee in the Color of Coffee Collective Symposium. “I would like specialty coffee stores to become a space where high school students can feel safe and secure to study in and I want them to see people exactly as they do behind the counter and roasting coffee,” he says. The cost of admission for the symposium costs $30. Additionally, there will be an latte art show on the 13th of May at Segundo Coffee Lab prior to the symposium. You can also sign up to become an active member of the collective, which gives you access exclusive information as well as updates regarding upcoming events. Certain membership levels give you access to the symposium.

The Color of Coffee Collective Symposium will be a celebration of the diversity of professional in the field of coffee, as well as an opportunity to introduce the next generation of people who are interested in coffee to a lucrative career. By KATRINA YENTCHBARISTA The magazine is available online for 24 hours. […]

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