Numi Tea’s Foundation launches New Initiative to Provide Clean drinking water to the displaced Ukrainians



Cover photo Image courtesy of the Numi Foundation

Numi Organic Tea, founded in 1999 in Oakland, Calif., by the brother-and-sister duo of Ahmed Rahim and Reem Hassani has always had a goal not truly to spread the therapeutic and transformational effects of tea with people around the globe and to make the world a little better.

This intention is what prompted them to form the Numi Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the aim to help promote human rights by assisting everyone they can to meet their standard human requirements.

One of their most popular initiatives among their many successful projects is Together for H2OPE, a non-profit program founded in the year 2016 with the goal of bringing safe and clean consuming water to tea-growing communities across the globe. After successfully implementing the program in Madagascar, India, and South Africa, the Numi Foundation recently announced the many current and a lot of urgently required implementation of the program Together for H2OPE: Ukraine.

In this endeavor, Numi Foundation Numi Foundation joined forces with Waves For Water, a charity that resembles a guerrilla and has been helping implement clean-water solutions for remote areas since its invention on the 9th of September 2009 by professional surfer Jon Rose, and MPOWERD, MPOWERD, a B Corp on a mission to enhance lives through the creation of environmentally sustainable, thoughtfully designed and cost-effective products. Thanks to these partners The Numi Foundation’s goal is to raise $1 million for the provision of safe, clean consuming water as well as lighting and charging devices to 550,000 homeless Ukrainians who are suffering the destruction due to the Russian invasion.

A volunteer from Together for H2OPE: Ukraine stockpiles water for the displaced Ukrainians. Image from Together for H2OPE.

The goal is to provide 22,000 water filtering units (each of which could provide 1 million Gallons of clean water to provide five families for 20 years) and at the same time , providing solar-powered lighting and portable charging devices to aid Ukrainian families charge their mobile devices so that they can keep connected to family members and needed services.

Many players came forward to assist with this project. Waves for Clean Water Corps, a task force brewed exclusively of veterans of the military — is currently in action, offering essential support to combat waterborne illnesses and the MPOWERD partnership gives the technology to provide Ukrainians with access to electricity and light.

The Numi Foundation’s Together for H2OPE program has successfully provided clean-water access to communities in Madagascar, India, and as pictured here, South Africa. Picture courtesy of Numi Tea.

Emad “Gianni” Ballack, owner of a restaurant and entrepreneur located in Kyiv, Ukraine, is also contributing to the cause by giving water filters, light as well as water to people who might otherwise be left behind. Additionally the governments of Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Moldova are collaborating to contribute to this mission as well.

Not to mention thousands of people from all across the globe are contributing not just through offering money, however also by purchasing tea. Numi is committed to providing a portion of sales to to fund the Together for H2OPE program.

The Together for H2OPE: Ukraine program, designed to supply clean drinking water to the displaced Ukrainians and was conceived by the Numi Foundation. Image from the Numi Foundation.

The program pilot, which was implemented by Waves for Water and funded by the Numi Foundation, was a huge success and provided water filters to over 15,000 Ukrainians.

But, this is simply the beginning. Phase 2 of the Together for H2OPE: Ukraine program, which was launched in July and runs until September’s end is aimed at achieving the target of $1 million to fund 22,000 water systems that will ensure clean water to 550,000 people, and simultaneously providing the people access to electricity and electricity.

When you consider that there are about 6 million people displaced in Ukraine – people who don't have access to clean water and with a lack of fundamental necessities, the actions of the Together for H2OPE: Ukraine program could be simply an initial step towards the massive assistance this group callsfor. Nevertheless it is more crucial than ever before, and gives an insight into what’s possible when people band together to help other people.

For more information on how to participate and/or contribute to the Together for H2OPE: Ukraine program, go to this link.


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