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The new brewing apparatus was created with one goal with one purpose in mind: creating fantastic coffee as easy as possible.



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Laura Sommers requires no introduction. If you’ve worked in the field of coffee for any length of time, it’s nearly certain that you’ve got the enjoyment of utilizing any of her products. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Laura has been the person behind brands such as Espresso coffee Supply, Cremaware, Rattleware, EkoBrew, and Bonavita. Why haven’t more people have heard of her? To her praise, Laura is excessively kind and humble, and she prefers to give credit to the colleagues in her team prior to herself. When Laura decides to emerge of the shadows and make her way into the spotlight you can be assured that it’s something worth taking note of.

In her new business, Very Good Coffee, Laura is returning to her roots and aiming to turn the coffee-brewing business upside down. Truly Good Coffee launched earlier this year, in 2022, during the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston (with an exceptionally cool and recycled trade show booth, in reality) with a single product called the Olson Coffee Brewer. The brewer is targeted towards home coffee brewers and has the purpose of creating best coffee that is humble.

Creating Home Brewing Easy

Laura and her crew are not strangers to the home coffee maker market. The latest and most advanced technologies as well as certifications and aesthetics are all in their realm of expertise nevertheless, they were not happy. They concluded that all the new advancements in coffee brewers weren’t helping new users to make better coffee, but they were helping those who already had good coffee make their drinks better. To put it another way all of the bells and whistles that come with the coffee brewer can only be advantageous if the person who uses it can interact with the functions in an effective manner. In several cases, more functionality is used to deter those who aren’t familiar with. This is the case with the Olson Coffee Brewer, designed to feel comfortable, accessible and easy while producing high-quality coffee.

Just Good Coffee is making the coffee game at home modest

using Olson Coffee Brewer. Olson Coffee Brewer.

Water Temp

The Olson Brewer is designed to respond to three main issues you encounter that you encounter with the “typical” cheap drip brewer. First, the engineers designed an additional heating element that brews the water sufficiently hot to reach grounds of the coffee grounds at the right temperature for brewing. This is between 195 and 205 degrees F. This is vital to the brewing method of coffee, since it allows a variety of delicious aromatics and volatile compounds to dissolve correctly from the grounds and into your cup.

Ratios Water-to-Coffee

The Olson Coffee Brewer is built to allow for proper coffee ratios. Anyone who has used their gram scale at Airbnb and attempted to brew a full caffeinated beverage using a inexpensive brewer will recognize the flood of grounds that can occur when you use a ratio of grounds to water between 15:1 and 18:1. Just Good fixed this question by utilizing a Brew basket that is large enough to hold a suitable amount of grounds and still utilizes the basic Melitta filter.

Olson Coffee Brewer Olson Coffee Brewer champions the important things to you in your cup and

with a focus on the simplicity.

Brew Speed

The Olson Brewer was designed to provide hot water quickly, so that it can keep brewing times to a minimum. Just Good claims that the Olson brewer can create an entire eight-cup pot in as short than six minutes. The brewing time is required to avoid excessive extraction and bitter tastes in your ingest. To top all these new features Olson Coffee Brewer comes with Olson Coffee Brewer likewise includes an choice to select a “bloom” role that assists fresher coffees to de-gas prior to the brewing technique begins. The true beauty of this machine is its simplicity (remember I began with that? ).

Brewing Simplified

The perfect part is that the Brewer comes with all of these features, and likewise the ability to considerably improve your coffee experience at home by pressing (drumroll please) one button. To be honest, if you wish to make use of the bloom cycle you have two buttons nevertheless that’s all. There’s no touch screen, there are no temperature settings and no flashing lights as well as no alarms. Just best coffee (pun intended). The other thing that is wonderful? It’s the Olson Coffee Brewer will only cost you $149.99.

To adjust the Olson Coffee Brewer, you only need to choose two things Do you need a bloom?

When do you plan to make a cup of tea?

From my experience Laura Sommers is a good person with fantastic ideas. Given that she’s chosen to make the brand’s photo her own and you can be certain she believes it’s a good idea. Do you need to throw away your fancy brewer and purchase one from Olson Coffee Brewer? Perhaps not but you needs to remember this article next time someone is asking you questions about creating a better cup of joe at home. Just Good Coffee is focused on increasing the number of people who are excited about their coffee every morning and you ought to be too.

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