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Ice, ice coffee.

Man Hates Coffee
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We know those aren’t the lyrics, however for the summertime coffee addicts one of us, they may as well be. When the weather warms up, the best way to cool off with a splash of caffeine is with a cup of iced coffee. Nevertheless, if you don’t have time to run to your local shop or don’t want to pay for an overpriced cup, we have a home-brewed solution.

While you can entirely make iced coffee at home with a classic coffee maker, ice and some patience, normal drinkers of the cold stuff know it doesn’t hit in rather the same way.

A number of of the below can make a cup of cafe-quality iced coffee in seconds without the need for refrigeration, while others are crafted to create the great cold brew from home.

Most also work with iced tea, matcha and other cool beverages that will have you summer ready and looking for the nearest poolside to lounge by.

A black iced coffee maker and a cup with a straw
Bed Bath and Beyond

If you’re looking for a cup of iced coffee at home, Mr. Coffee is your man.

This Mr. Coffee machine is not your ordinary hot coffee maker. Instead, the rapid chilling technology inside brews your coffee hot however dispenses it cooled, perfect served over a tumbler full of ice, of course. The whole set comes complete with the machine itself, a tumbler, lid, two reusable straws, a coffee scoop and reusable filter.

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A silver Kitchen Aid cold brew coffee maker
Best Buy

For assistance in the kitchen when producing cold brew for the whole family, turn to Kitchen Aid.

This 14-cup brewing system from Perfect Buy is a bulk solution to satisfy your iced coffee cravings. It easily fits in the fridge, and the best part is that the brewing and serving occurs all in one tool, as the machine comes with a spout attachment to easily dispense your chilled coffee after coming out of the fridge nice and cold.

A black and silver iced coffee maker and a clear pitcher inside with ice and lemons

Fire up the ice machine and prep the patio, because this is the summer of outdoor iced coffee parties.

The Brentwood 8-cup iced coffee maker is great for small gatherings, weekend brunch or to maintain your caffeine usage all day long, brewing up chilled beverages by the cupful. The machine is sold at Wayfair and currently comes in two colors, a standard black to match any kitchen counter or a fun bright teal for summertime drinks.

A black iced coffee maker on a white counter top with a cup of iced coffee
Williams Sonoma

You’ll want to hug and kiss this cold brew machine every morning when you wake up to the great cup of iced coffee.

The OXO cold brew coffee maker can be found at Williams Sonoma, complete with free shipping to sweeten the deal. The coffee maker can steep the grounds of your preference for 12 to 24 hours, best to set up and leave overnight, or even longer as the brewed coffee can last up to two weeks in the fridge.

An iced coffee with milk and an instant cooling contraption

If you enjoy your hot coffee maker and are stressed about how to get iced coffee fast, you need to chill.

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The HyperChiller is the solution to your coffee problems, especially when in a rush and not wanting to mess with ice trays or have watered down coffee when the ice melts. After storing in the freezer, place the HyperChiller right under your K-cup coffee maker and the liquid will chill instantly in 60 seconds. If you use a classic coffee pot, actually pour it into the HyperChiller, swirl it around for a minute, and pour into your favorite glass for a perfectly cold caffeinated beverage.

A brown cold brew bottle kit on a white counter with a cup of joe and other coffee equipment

The perfect things in life come from wine-shaped bottles, don’t you agree?

This coffee carafe from Food52 is the a lot of elegant and tasty way to get your cold brew adjust. Designed by Hario, a Japanese coffee company, the wine-bottle-shaped cold brew contraption is best for brewing and for serving, with an easy-to-pour spout at the top and stunning design to set out on the counter during coffee dates.

A three step cold brew maker, illustrating how to fill, brew and pour

One quart or two? That’s the real matter.

When it comes to iced coffee, there is never too much. That’s why Takeya offers you the choice of a one-quart pitcher or two, both of which brew cold brew to perfection and double as the carafe to pour from. You can likewise choose between black, stone gray or white for the lid color, easy to match to any kitchen counter or patio setup for summertime outdoor coffee.

A white iced coffee cold brew maker on a brown counter with flowers and a cup of iced coffee
La Colombe

If you can’t make it out to your local La Colombe shop for your day to day iced coffee, they have a solution to bring their store to you.

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Brew your own La Colombe coffee at home, with their Toddy cold brew system, sold on their site. First pick your favorite La Colombe brew and then fill up the paper filter and add water. The machine is completely electricity free, letting gravity and time do its thing and leaving you to go about your day as your coffee is brewed. The set comes with the brewing container, decanter and lid, as well as two filters, a rubber stopper for the decanter and three paper filter bags to get you started.

A brown growler and black cold brew kit

Don’t growl because you haven’t had your morning coffee. Get this kit instead.

Sold on Amazon, this home-brewing cold brew set includes a 64-ounce growler and a filter attachment to easily make cold brew from home in the simplest way possible. Just add a filter and your coffee grounds to the black filter, add water and then screw that onto the growler. The coffee will drain right in, producing it easy to pop in the fridge and store for later on. or drink right then and there.

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