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A cover story featuring Nebraska’s Jasmin McGinnis. She discusses ways to improve online marketplaces, creating seasonal drinks, finding the wonderful roaster, and much more all in the latest question!


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Welcome to our brand new question for August and September 2022! The question is available now and you can read it online or purchase one or more copies today through the online store!

We’re thrilled to announce the many current issue of Barista Magazine and it contains a variety of articles and information to keep coffee professionals up-to-date and invigorated. In order to achieve this we’ve collaborated with contributors from all over the globe to bring you stories that explore things like the creation of a delightful seasonal drink menu, figuring out the way in which the World Barista Championship ended up in Bogota in 2011 and likewise how Jasmin McGinnis created a unique coffee business in the Nebraska prairie. We hope you will find the locations, people and topics in the August and September 2022 issue as fascinating and informative as we do.

Here are a few highlights of the issue:

Cover Special Feature: Jasmin McGinnis

Kearney, Nebraska, may not be the first place that comes to minds of a lot of when it comes to specialty coffee but, those who have been to Barista’s Day to day Grind and owner Jasmin McGinnis agree that, due to the reality that of this business, Kearney is extremely much in the spotlight for outstanding coffee. Jasmin has achieved what numerous baristas strive to achieve and that is to manage the business nevertheless it’s likewise where she began her career as barista. Imagine buying the company that you love working for. Then, Jasmin shares the highs and lows related to owning a cafe and describes how it’s not glamourous, however it will be worth the effort.

“Add to Cart: Making the A lot of Value from the Online Marketplace’

In the past two years, when the world adapted to living with the impacts of a pandemic, sales online have never been so crucial to a successful selling coffee retail. Nevertheless how do you ensure that your online configuration is the majority of suitable for your specific business? Written by coffee technology expert Luisa Castellanos “Add to Cart: Creating the Most your Online Marketplace” offers tips strategies, tricks, and techniques to ensure your cafe is not just standing apart from the rest and be financially successful as well.

“Whimsical Seasonal Drinks’

If you think about the connection between the fall season and the coffee consume, you’ll be able to resist to think of the pumpkin spice latte that pops up in your mind. Also, winter brings eggnog lattes and peppermint mochas aren’t they? The short address is yes, nevertheless there’s more. As you get ready to set up your cafes to serve winter and fall season drinks, we suggest you look over this post by Josh Rank that advises to definitely include some of your old favorites however also to consider innovative seasonal drinks that are unique and original inspired by local aromas and trends across the country. And he explains how to bring them to life.

“Swipe Right: Which Roaster Relationship is the Right One for You?

We indeed enjoyed putting together the concept for this one of course, choosing which relationship you would like to establish with the cafe’s roast coffee menu is almost as difficult as modern dating. Do you roast your own? Do you carry coffees from a number of roasters? Do you prefer to utilize one particular wholesale roaster? Each has pros and cons We go over it in this post so you can figure out which is the perfect preference for your business.

This is simply a small sample of the a lot of informative entertaining, informative, and – we hope – enjoyable articles we’ve put together for readers in the August and September 2022 issue of Barista Magazine. Go through it to check out the “Field Reports,”” the “One on One” conversations and the “Takeaway,” new products and so more.

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