Welcoming to the December 2022 and January 2023 issue of Barista Magazine

With the cover of newly crowned 2022 World Barista Champion Anthony Douglas from Australia The recent issue features pieces on chocolates of specialty and the barista industry in India batch brewing, and more!


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As one year comes to a close, and another is on the horizon We’d like to welcome you to the bridge issue of Barista Magazine, December 2022 and January 2023. The Barista Magazine team has been working hard to once again bring together the sort of collection of stories photographs, stories, and stories from around the world of specialty coffee that our readers have come to expect.

The first time in over two years in more than two years, the Melbourne International Coffee Expo returned in September. It likewise served as the venue for the 2022 World Barista Championship as in addition to the World Brewers Cup. The city of coffee was ablaze with joy as one of its own residents, Anthony Douglas, was presented with the first-place trophy. We’re thrilled to feature Anthony on our cover and believe his story of determination and victory is one you’ll love reading. There’s more to be found inside the December 2022 & Jan 2023 question. we encourage you to take a look at some not all! in this matter below.

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Cover Feature: Anthony Douglas

Australia is renowned for its specialty coffee scene, and two of the country’s champions have won the World Barista Championship (WBC) in the past. However, neither came from what is considered to be the nation’s the majority of renowned coffee city: Melbourne. But, in 2022, that changed after years of trying to be the winner of the national championship Melbourne’s Anthony Douglas not only took the top spot in his nation’s competition, nevertheless likewise went to claim the World Barista Champion title for himself, and his city.

Specialty Chocolate

Coffee and chocolate have always been linked, not only because they taste delicious together, but because of similarities that go deeper. They have travelled the same paths from colonial trade and spread across the globe, nevertheless, they both originated on different areas of the globe. In “A Specialty Chocolate Primer” the writer Tanya Nanetti takes a look at the growing trend towards special chocolate, which brings together the two products such as chocolate and coffee being able to connect as producers and consumers seek greater transparency and higher quality. In this report, we talk with chocolate companies that specialize in specialty chocolates such as Mork Chocolate in Australia and Puchero in Spain as well as some of the world’s the majority of renowned specialty coffee makers, such as Ghirardelli, Hollander, and most more.

Barista Culture in India

India has an extensive and rich background as a tea-producing consumption country however, it also produces wonderful coffees and has an expanding cafe culture. People from all over India are discovering new opportunities in their careers due to their passion for coffee. Writer Reshil Charles speaks to baristas from across the country about their work, their community and the reasons they enjoy coffee in “The Evolving Culture of Baristas in India.”

In the December 2022 – Jan 2023 matter Melind John of Josuma Coffee writes about the a lot of renowned coffee from India, “Monsoon” coffee. This unique procedure of processing coffee creates a distinctive flavor profile that dates back to the very beginning of international commerce in coffee.

Batch Brew

Making a custom-made pourover for one person at a time is a popular service offered by a specialty cafe nevertheless it’s not the many efficient way to serve a variety of customers in a short time. Batch brewers were designed to do just that, and they’re better at creating high-quality brews than they ever have before. In this article “Believe in Batch Brew,” writer Josh Rank looks at the modern batch brewers available by BUNN and Fetco and discovers that their abilities have grown. Nowadays offering batch makes is a way to increase production and help keep lines flowing than the past.

One on One: Gary Horne

Gary Horne has spent decades working in specialty coffee on the tool side of the business, grinders to be exact. In his position he has witnessed technological advancements as well as modern advancements, and some reintroductions to older device. He’s always enjoyed taking apart machinery and tinkering around with it before reassembling it in a better way, and it’s not surprising that he has a natural attraction for the curiosity of the barista industry. Gary discusses his professional experience that has included being a part of the team that includes United States Barista Champions Lem Butler and Kyle Ramage, and how he has observed the specialty-coffee community grow through “One on One” in the December 2022 and the January 2023 matter.

The entire collection of articles as well as field reports from Paris, France, and the Canary Islands, and much more are featured in the latest question of Barista Magazine!

Thank you to all our readers advertisers, as well as everyone else who have worked so hard to create an additional matter of our magazine! It would be impossible without you and I am thankful to each among you. The staff at Barista Magazine wish you a joyous end to 2022 and look forward to an improved, more peaceful world in 2023.

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