10 Coffee Consumer Trends to Know in 2022

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Coffee aficionados are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the coffee world. As we head full force into 2022, knowing a few of the hottest customer trends in the coffee industry can help you experience everything the coffee world has to offer. Let’s take a look at 10 coffee customer trends you need to discover this year. This will help you get your favorite cup of coffee prepared so you can enjoy everything your favorite drink has to offer.

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Top 10 Coffee Consumer Trends in 2022:

1. Healthier Coffee Blends

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With our overall health being among the primary focuses of people in 2022, it would make sense that healthier coffee would play a bigger function. Luckily, for coffee enthusiasts, black coffee isn’t much of an issue when it comes to weight or being healthy. What about the creams you add? What about caffeine? No, worries. With the utilize of plant-based milk and the return of the half-caf, caffeine and cream won’t be an matter. You can likewise keep your eyes open for mushroom and hickory root coffee as alternatives to the genuine thing for those hoping to make bigger changes.

2. Digital Coffee Events

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Enjoying coffee throughout the COVID-19 pandemic taught coffee lovers how to share their enjoy of coffee from a distance. Coffee shops around the world crafted coffee events digital in hopes of keeping the connection and enjoy for coffee alive. This shouldn’t alter in 2022. While it may be easier to go out and love time in your favorite local shop, live digital coffee events are still expected to take place and make life fun for those who enjoy being homebodies.

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3. Specialty Coffee Bags

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Coffee bags aren’t a new craze. Nevertheless could we see specialty coffees finding their way into convenient brewing bags? Anything is possible. For those who love coffee at home, however lack the skills to whip up their favorite specialty makes or drinks, coffee bags would be the excellent way to give them what they want and make a profit at the same time.

4. Grab n’ Go Coffee

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If you haven’t tried bottled or canned coffee while on the go, what are you waiting for? The convenience of these quick coffee drinks is rising in popularity. This is particularly true when it comes to younger coffee drinkers. Expect to see them showing up in more vending machines and at more local retailers.

5. Snapchilling

You may not be familiar with snap chilling, nevertheless you ought to start now and get educated. Snap chilling, which is kind of like flash freezing, maybe 2022’s new iced coffee. Faster than cold brew, choosing snap-chilled coffee avoids undesirable, melting ice cubes and a long cold brewing technique.

6. Touring The Coffee World

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More and more coffee drinkers are finding themselves interested in the industry surrounding their favorite ingest. Thanks to this curiosity, coffee tourism is on the rise. While on vacation, people can visit coffee farms and breweries to understand more about the process and the harvesting of their favorite beans.

7. Hard Coffee Cocktails

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While it may be the polar opposite of the healthy coffee craze, you should expect to see more coming from the combining of coffee and alcohol in 2022.

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8. Sustainable Coffee

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When speaking about sustainable coffee, it’s important to note that there is more to it than the packaging your coffee comes in. With people being more aware of the world around them and the damage that can be done, knowing coffee is sustainably harvested and that growers are given a fair price for their hard work is something people are demanding when they choose a brand for their cup.

9. Subscriptions

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Consuming your favorite coffee delivered to your doorstep is an ingenious idea. What’s even better is consuming this coffee coming as a subscription service where you don’t have to remember to order each month. With so most subscriptions to choose from, 2022 may be the year coffee aficionados have dreamed of.

10. Plant-Based Milk

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We explained plant-based milk above, however it requires its own number in this list of coffee trends. While the majority of people love to ingest their coffee black, adding plant-based milk can give the coffee a sweet, creamy taste you may enjoy. With this being a healthier alternative to normal milk, the rise of specialty coffee drinks featuring plant-based milk is expected to continue growing.

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The Changing World of Coffee

While the pandemic made things different in the coffee industry, it’s clear there are more changes on the horizon. With the age of coffee drinkers steadily lowering, more trends, brewing methods, and unexpected tastes are only the tip of the iceberg. Gone are the days of boring coffee with no genuine flavor. Snap chilled coffees, specialty drinks, and even healthier milk options are on our doorstep.

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When visiting your favorite coffee shops in 2022, you may find a new menu with options you haven’t heard of. Fortunately, staying on top of the coffee customer trends we pointed out above will help you determine what you want to try. Cold-brew and iced coffee lovers must be on the lookout for snap chilled coffees while all of us ought to strive to open our arms to sustainable, healthier coffee brands.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a number of trends coffee enthusiasts ought to be prepared for in the coming year. Luckily, for those of us who need our favorite beverage everyday, none of these trends are necessarily bad for the industry or us. The most important thing to remember as you step into 2022 as a coffee lover is to be open to new things. You may find a new flavor or brew that you love.

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