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How Much Caffeine Is in Folgers Coffee?

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If you’re a fan of drinking a morning or afternoon coffee cup then you’ve most likely heard of Folgers. As among the many popular coffee brands in the United States, many coffee drinkers have given this brand a try at one point or another.

Like with any coffee you prepare at home, determining the levels of caffeine can be a bit difficult. This is due to the type of roast you utilize (Folgers has a number of), the amount of water used during brewing, the number of coffee grounds you utilize per pot, and of course, your preferred brewing procedure. According to research, the majority of 8-ounce cups of at-home crafted Folgers coffee range between 56 mg of caffeine to 176 mg.1 Per their determination, 112 mg is the median and considered a high amount of caffeine per cup.

Let’s learn a little bit more about the amount of caffeine in your cup of Folgers and how it compares to other popular coffee brands you may enjoy around your house.

A little About Folgers Coffee

James Folger, the creator of Folgers Coffee, is considered a pioneer in the coffee industry. James was only 14 when he and his brothers traveled to San Francisco in search of gold and prosperity. Instead of following his brothers to the mines, but, James decided to work for The Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills.

During his time with the company, James climbed the ladder and became a full partner. It was after the Civil War and the resulting collapse of the economy that the company went bankrupt. With a little bit of help from investors, James bought out the company and aptly renamed it J.A. Folger and Co.

James Folger is considered the first to believe in cup tasting and ensuring the coffee beans used in production offered a superior taste, not only a good appearance. With his dedication to taste quality, his son’s perseverance, and the help of a salesman by the name of Frank Atha, demand and the enjoy for Folgers coffee began to grow.

How Brewing Method Comes Into Play

As we referred to above, a number of things come into play when brewing a cup of coffee and the amount of caffeine found inside each cup. One of the a lot of important is the brewing procedure. For the majority of, utilizing an automatic filter coffee maker is their go-to when preparing a caffeinated drink to enjoy. You’ll likewise find that creating espressos, pour-overs, and even instant coffees are also quite popular. Here’s a look at how much caffeine you may find in a cup of joe made from your preferred brewing technique.

Regular made (8-ounce cup) 70 mg- 150 mg of caffeine (typical of 95 mg)
Cold-brewed (8-ounce cup) 83 mg of caffeine
Pour over (8-ounce cup) 80 – 185 mg of caffeine
Espresso (1 – 1.75 ounce shot) 63 mg of caffeine
Instant (8-ounce cup) 30 mg – 90 mg of caffeine (typical of 62 mg)

While Folgers may not be the brand of coffee everyone turns to for each of these brewing methods, it’s still important to see the difference in caffeine levels according to which brewing method you choose to work with.

Folgers VS Other Coffee Brands

When it comes to buying a jar of coffee to have on hand at home, Folgers used to be everyone’s go-to. Over the years, but, new coffee brands have emerged and given the coffee giant a run for its money. With contenders such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and even Mcdonalds as clear competitors, it’s important to find out how much caffeine is in a cup of these coffee giant’s brews as well. Let’s take a look at how the caffeine in a cup of Folgers coffee compares to other popular brands you may love.

Folgers (8-ounce cup) 56 mg -176 mg of caffeine (average of 112 mg)
Starbucks (8-ounce cup) 155 mg of caffeine
McDonald’s McCafe (8-ounce cup) 72.5 mg of caffeine
Dunkin Donuts (10-ounce cup) 150 mg of caffeine
Maxwell House (8-ounce cup) 112 mg of caffeine

Final Thoughts

If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ve a lot of likely tasted Folgers coffee. Whether you’re a huge fan or have other preferences when it comes to what wakes you up each morning, it’s important to discover how much caffeine you’re drinking daily. For those who love Folgers, knowing that you’re receiving a hefty dosage of caffeine with each cup can help you better determine how much coffee you’re allowed each morning before reaching the FDA’s recommended allowance of 400 mg of caffeine each day. This will help keep you healthier and allow you to love coffee without additional worries.

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