A Detailed Guide To Making Cold Brew and Iced-Coffee At Home

Cold brew coffee has already passed the initial trend landmark, and it proved that is here to stay. Companies have invested in production lines, they are bottling cold brew coffee and concentrates, new cold brew coffee makers show on the market every so often, and all in all, we feel like there is competition in a market that was once dominated by Toddy. Here are some interesting ways to make cold brew coffee at home according to Refinery 29. Our personal favorite is the cold brew coffee machine from Cuisinart, but there are other fast brewing machines.

As temps heat up, our coffee-sipping habits cool down. Although our scalded tongues are happy to make this transition over to colder brews, our wallets are not. Iced coffee not only tends to tote higher price tags than hot, but it’s also considered to be an even bigger pain to make at home. But, with the right goods and a splash of a.m. dedication, saving money on your spring through summer cold-brew consumption is possible — and we’ve got the shop guide to DIY iced coffee essentials to prove it.

With a little help from a lineup of sleek cold brew-making machines, reusable travel cups, stainless steel straws, and even a stylish coffee-table recipe book, you can turn your pricey iced-java passion into a more affordable habit. Scroll on to shop the products that will help streamline mornings for caffeinated success, while keeping you and your budgets adequately fueled.

Compact Cold-Brew Maker
Not all cold-brew makers are giant, counter-consuming contraptions — if you’re short on kitchen space, this compact and durable carafe is your DIY iced coffee answer.A Guide To Making Iced-Coffee At Home (& Saving $$)

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Trendy Cold-Brew Milk Alternative
That trendy milk alternative you can only get at your fave coffee shop around the corner? You can now buy it in bulk online to whip up those fancy oat-milk iced lattes at home with — for a fraction of their fancy price.A Guide To Making Iced-Coffee At Home (& Saving $$)

Cold-Brewing Guide & Recipe Book
Keep this stylish book on your coffee-table for an easily accessible source of brewing-technique guidance and creative recipe inspiration — lattes and cold-brew cocktails included.

You can also read this cold brew coffee guide, a step by step that will teach you how to make a great cold brew like the one at Starbucks.
A Guide To Making Iced-Coffee At Home (& Saving $$)

Specialized Cold-Brew Bean Grinder
Not all bean grinders are created equal when it comes to different brews — but don’t panic, this precise conical burr-grinder is a top-rated and easy-to-operate product for making the most premium iced-coffee grounds.A Guide To Making Iced-Coffee At Home (& Saving $$)

Cold-Brew Bags
If you’d rather skip the buy- and grind-your-own-beans route, then opt for the cold-brew in a bag approach when making it at home — all these coffee-kits need are a pitcher and some cold water.A Guide To Making Iced-Coffee At Home (& Saving $$)

Automatic Cold-Brew Maker
Making cold-brew at home is not always a manual, overnight process — for those looking to have their iced cup-of-Joe at the push of a button, Cuisnart’s sleek automatic-maker will do the trick in as little as 25 minutes. An article at Coffee Brewing Methods lists all of the trendy cold brew coffee machines that brew coffee faster than an hour. Pretty neat huh…

A Guide To Making Iced-Coffee At Home (& Saving $$)

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