Bialetti Review: This Mini Espresso Made Me Love Making Iced Lattes at Home – The Manual

Recreating the coffee shop drinks that you love at home has always been difficult for me. It’s hard to beat the quality of coffee beans and expensive coffee machinery that come from coffee shops. Trust me, I tried changing up the coffee beans, milk types, and different forms of coffee machines. And when businesses were shut down this past year my everyday coffee shop visits were halted completely. While I fell in love Dalgona Coffee I preferred something stronger. Luckily, when I discovered this handy espresso machine by Bialetti it became my go-to coffee beverage at home.

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Bialetti is an Italian brand that was founded by Alfonso Bialetti in the early 1920s. The coffee-making brand produces everything from its own coffee beans to coffee makers and a line of coffee in capsules. It’s most popular and well-known item is the Bialetti Moka Coffee Maker. Its simplistic and functional design has crafted it a staple in kitchens across the world. The Mini Express is a variation of the Moka. I’ll dive into what steeps it unique and why it’s worth adding to your kitchen.

Out of the Box

As the name means the espresso coffee machine is super small however it’s also really sturdy. The directions on the box were extremely simple — even though in Italian. The language barrier wasn’t a big deal due to the truth that a simple Google search told us everything we needed to know. I grabbed this set in red due to the reality that it was on sale and I enjoy a excellent espresso coffee machine deal nevertheless there are several designs available online such as aluminum design or a green cup set.

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This machine does not come with the Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee but I definitely recommend buying it to pair with this.


The components of the machine are comprised of three parts: the bottom heater or pot for water, the funnel for coffee grounds, and the top with the aluminum plates for you to place your two cups. There are numerous features of this machine that make it an wonderful piece.

First off, the bottom pot has a distinctive eight-sided shape which allows your coffee to diffuse heat and perfectly enhances its aroma. The top seals tightly, which helps uniformly distribute the coffee beans so that water is infused uniformly. You don’t have to worry about a coffee distributor. And the aluminum saucer assists keep your two shots warm if you leave it on after brewing.

How it Works

Bialetti crafted it all extremely humble. The same rules as using a typical Moka pot apply for this tiny two-cup pot.

Start by filling up the pot with cold water but don’t overfill it. I normally fill only fill around 3/4  or up to the safety valve for a one cup iced latte or a cortado. Next add your espresso to the funnel. One ounce is a shot of espresso coffee, two ounces make a double shot. You don’t have to push hard after adding to the funnel due to the truth that as explained, the sealing helps distribute the espresso coffee throughout. Seal your machine and place one cup on either side. Turn on your stovetop to low heat. I crafted the mistake of utilizing medium to high heat and the handle melted mildly. The flame ought to not go over the rim of the machine. Then just wait for your coffee to brew. You need to stay nearby because while it does make some noise, it’s not very loud and you don’t want your espresso machine to burn. It should only take around 5-7 minutes depending on the amount you’re making.

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I crafted my iced latte by filling a cup with ice, adding my preference of milk which is the Califia Farms Almond Milk, and then adding my two espresso shots. I add a pump of Tarrani Caramel Syrup for some light added sweetness and mix. It makes a wonderful iced latte.

The only con in evaluating this espresso machine is that it can cause a mess if you brew too much espresso coffee. I place a paper towel underneath sometimes to troubleshoot this nevertheless it is an issue that might come up when brewing.

To take care of the Mini Espresso, make sure to only hand wash and check that the holes on the funnel filter plate are thoroughly washed.


I’ve had the Bialetti Mini Espresso coffee Machine for over a year now and other than the tiny melted mark on the deal with from my initial use it’s in excellent shape. I particularly enjoy that it’s super small for my tiny kitchen apartment. At just $40 it’s definitely worth the price if you calculate how much you’ll be saving from visiting coffee shops.

The majority of days I’m only producing coffee for myself and it offers the just the right amount. If you’re just one or two people in an apartment you’ll appreciate this equipment. And while this machine isn’t for a huge family or group it definitely steeps for a perfect conversation starter. Impress your friends with some quality Italian espresso coffee the next time they’re around.

In short, creating my own coffee at home was never fun until I discovered this unique two cup espresso machine and now I fully love my iced lattes at home.

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