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But one drink in particular, the Spanish carajillo, has been making its way back alongside the espresso martini—only south of the border. In the last few years, Mexico City has reinvigorated the age-old cocktail, making it a fixture at trendy cantinas.

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And Keeler has brought this Mexican specialty to the menu at Suerte. His carajillo-inspired Madrugada is a Jamaican black rum cocktail with Licor 43, café del fuego, cold brew, horchata orgeat, toasted pecan, and a dark chocolate garnish.

“I wanted to focus on bringing a drink that marries the espresso martini with Mexican flavors, specifically horchata,” he says.

Lore has it that the first carajillo dates back to when Cuba was a Spanish province. Spanish troops combined coffee with rum to give indentured servants courage, or coraje, to get through the day. Eventually, it became a spiked morning coffee for working class Spaniards, and once Mexico got its hands on it, a party drink.

The carajillo went from hot to cold, day to night. “The carajillo is a very popular pick-me-up drink in Mexico and it’s actually starting to spread to the US,” Keeler says. Licor 43, the Spanish liqueur that defines the Mexican carajillo, has increased its marketing across the South. “There are billboards that say things like, ‘Stay up with carajillo.’ They make it all sexy and really focus on the coffee aspect.”

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