Freddo Cappuccino – A Greek Cold Coffee Drink

Freddo Cappuccino is the next big thing.

Freddo Cappuccino is the next Dalgona. This isn’t the first time coffee lovers all over the world have been swooning over a new trend in coffee. This new way of making a rich, creamy and delicious cold Freddo Cappuccino is taking the internet by storm.

The Korean trend of making Dalgona, a Korean coffee that is rich in flavor, became so well-known that everyone, from celebrities to coffee connoisseurs and bloggers, was a part of it. What is Freddo Cappuccino? How can you make it at home?

Freddo CappuccinoWhat is Freddo Cappuccino exactly?

Freddo Cappuccino can be described as a Greek iced coffee drink. It is creamy and foamy. This Greek-style coffee delight tastes a lot like Frappe. But the creaminess is what makes it stand out!

Food bloggers became familiar with this classic Greek drink. This drink is a classic in Greek coffee shops, Cyprus, and even Italy.

If you expect this to be a chilled classic cappuccino, it is not. The steamed milk in cappuccino is replaced with a layer of thick cream. The name is fitting because the cap of the drink is made of milk foam, similarly to a classics cappuccino. That’s not the only thing they have in common. Freddo is made with espresso, the same as the classic cappuccino. Any other type of coffee wouldn’t cut it, because the flavors as not as intense as the espresso flavors.

What is the difference between Frappe and Freddo Coffee?

Both drinks look very similar. However, Freddo is made using espresso shots and Frappe uses instant coffee. Frappe has more milk/ cream than Freddo.

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Freddo Cappuccino Recipe

This quick recipe is easy to make. Simply add 2 shots espresso and crushed ice to a shaker. Continue shaking until the mixture turns creamy and frothy.

Add 3 tablespoons of thick cream to a glass. Next, add 1 cup of milk. Finally, add vanilla essence. Use a whisker to mix it until it becomes thick and foamy.

Take a glass and pour the coffee mix into it. Add the milky foam to the glass. It is important that the coffee does not have any layers mixed together. This gives it a unique taste.

Do you want to give it a shot? (pardon the pun)

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