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Using quality espresso that you enjoy is key to making a delicious freddo cappuccino. Traditionally, the recipe starts with freshly pulled espresso shots on ice, but some viral renditions of the drink call for instant espresso powder instead, which requires hot water. You can add sugar to the espresso after it’s prepared, but purists will tell you that leaving the drink unsweetened will better allow the coffee’s aroma and flavor to shine. Either way, try to use a full-bodied espresso with low or medium acidity.

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Also, creating the beverage in a drink mixer (or, like Gelen, in a cocktail shaker) is not only less fussy than using a blender, but it also turns the coffee cold in a flash without crushing the ice, and consequently diluting the espresso. Skim milk is often the preferred dairy of choice since it creates a more enduring foam, but you can use cream, whole milk or even non-dairy milk if you’d prefer.

Finally, resist the urge to stir the milk and espresso together once you top the glass. Drinking a freddo cappuccino with distinct layers allows the milk to incorporate itself into the drink at its own pace, so the texture and flavor of the drink will change as you sip it. (Plus, it looks *so* much prettier layered than mixed.)


  • Two ounces hot espresso (or two shots worth of espresso or coffee powder)
  • Hot water (if needed to dissolve the espresso powder)
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Ice
  • Heavy cream
  • Milk
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Step 1: Add two hot shots of espresso to a cup. (If you’re using instant espresso powder or instant coffee, add hot water to the powder and stir until dissolved. Add the sugar as well, if you want it sweetened.) Fill a cocktail shaker or jar with ice. Add the espresso to the cocktail shaker and lightly shake to chill the espresso. Pour the chilled espresso and ice into a drinking glass and reserve.

Step 2: Add three parts heavy cream and one part milk to a lidded jar or cocktail shaker. Shake until the milk is frothed enough to hold soft peaks.

Step 3: Pour the frothed milk over the iced espresso and enjoy.

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