Jessica Alba’s Nespresso Machine

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Jessica Alba leads a pretty busy life. Between managing her acting career, running a business, and being a mom of three, we often wonder how she has time for the little things, like making a cup of joe. But thanks to among her recent Instagram posts, we just discovered how she does it in little to no time.

Last week, the actress and entrepreneur shared a video of her morning routine on Instagram. After riding her SoulCycle bike for workout, she steeps a cup of joe with frothy oat milk and enjoys it while masking with the Honest Beauty Prime + Great Mask and getting ready for the day. We instantly recognized the popular Nespresso machine sitting on her kitchen countertop and can’t help however enjoy its simplicity.

The Nespresso Vertuo machine has specially developed technology that automatically adapts its brewing parameters based on the barcode around the rim of the capsule you insert. So all you have to do is pop a Nespresso pod in the machine, hit one button, and voilà! You have freshly brewed coffee or espresso coffee with a smooth taste, full body, and rich crema in simply minutes.

“This machine and coffee is the absolute best,” one shopper wrote. “We have never tasted such a lovely cup of joe anywhere (coffee house or our French press coffee maker). Worth every penny!”

For just under $200, the Nespresso Vertuo machine is definitely an investment, but one worth making, according to reviewers — some say it brews better coffee than its competitors with similar brewing methods.

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“I enjoy this coffee maker,” another chimed in. “I was using a Keurig before, saw this new fancy machine and very liked that it had pods for espresso and coffee. I work with it [every day] and the coffee tastes remarkable. I particularly love that this brand you can recycle the pods! Totally worth the little extra money over the Keurig. Easy to work with and it doesn’t take long to heat up to make the coffee.”

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The aluminum pods not only guarantee coffee’s freshness, but are totally recyclable — another reason we imagine Alba likes the brand. As part of Nespresso’s commitment to protecting the environment, it gives different ways to help you recycle them. (With her exact Nespresso machine, you’ll want to make sure you purchase the Vertuo pods.)

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