Kickstarter: The Moka Pot Gets A Modern Update With The Orb One

The humble Moka Pot, that paragon of midcentury design and retrofuturism, is enjoying an unprecedented moment in the sun due to our all-home-coffee-everything current shared reality. But there’s no design too iconic, no functionality too unchangable for the modern coffee zeitgeist to consider worthy of a little of a tinker.

Enter the Orb One. The brand-new stovetop coffeemaker offers the Moka Pot a fetching new update with an eye toward consistency and versatility. And it’s live on Kickstarter now! Created by Chicago design studio Crucial Detail and their principle Martin Kastner—whose dinnerware can be found in three Michelin star restaurant Alinea—the Orb One boasts a handful of updates to the time-tested Moka Pot.

Most noticeably, the base of the unit is wider, allowing it to “work efficiently on a gas burner, electric stovetop, induction, ceramic plate, or even a camping stovetop.” To reduce the potential for overextraction, the Orb One incorporates a “a temperature regulating solid stainless steel shower head with a unique high precision, laser-pulse-drilled filter.”

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Per the Kickstarter, the Orb One provides a variety of brewing methods. With a finer grind and shorter brew time, the coffeemaker can create the espresso-style consume many extensively linked to the brewing style. But work with a coarser grind and extended brew time and, thanks to the 16g grounds and 250ml water capacity, the Orb One claims it can make a lighter, pour-over style coffee.

With nearly a month and a half left on the campaign, the Orb One has raised just over $30,000 of its $250,000 objective. Would-be backers can get their hands on an Orb One of their own for as low as $99—that’s 30% off the MSRP—with an expected delivery date of October 2021. After that rewards tier is gone, the price goes up to $120, with rolling delivery date options.

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For more information or to back the campaign, visit the Orb One Kickstarter page.

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Zac Cadwalader February 10, 2021

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