JoGo straw: Another solution for camp coffee

If you’re looking for a coffee for campfire mornings, and you want to pack light, there’s a new product on the market that could be the lots of compact we’ve seen yet. And even though the JoGo straw new to market, it’s in reality a in reality old idea, actually re-purposed into the world of coffee.

The JoGo straw, at its core, is a standard idea. Lots of coffee made from grinds requires some sort of filter, to keep the grinds out when you’re sipping (unless you’re consuming grinds-in cowboy coffee, or instant coffee). Whether you’re using a moka pot, drip filter, French press coffee maker, whatever, you’re separating the grinds from the coffee itself.

If you’re utilizing the JoGo straw, you dump coffee grinds into a cup, add your hot water, stir it all up, and then start downing directly from the cup via the straw. Thanks to a mesh filter system on the end of the straw, you won’t end up with teeth full of grinds.

The JoGo’s creators say the filter won’t clog up while you’re guzzling, and they likewise include a cleaning brush. The straw itself is crafted of stainless steel, with a BPA-free silicone mouthpiece so you don’t burn your lips.

Along with its compact size, the JoGo gives at least one advantage over other coffeemakers; the straw means you won’t burn your lips having from a metal cup. That in turn indicates you can cut a porcelain/plastic/whatever guzzling vessel from your cooking kit, creating things even more tidy. You can drink directly from the vessel you’ve used to heat the water, without waiting for it to cool down. This won’t be a big deal to a GS rider with gallons of space for gear, however for a stripped-down enduro biker, it’s important.

As the opening paragraph said, this kind of guzzling straw is not a new idea; some ADVers may have seen a similar equipment called a bombilla, while traveling in South America. There, it’s used for a beverage called mate, which is extremely dried holly leaves soaked in hot water to make a kind of tea (see more here). Like the bombilla, the JoGo straw could also be used to beverage tea crafted from loose leaves as well.

Right now, the JoGo straw is featured in a Kickstarter campaign. With less than a month to go in the campaign, the inventors have far surpassed their fundraising goals; expect the straws to go into production later on. on. this year, as a result. Pay $17 US, and you can reserve your own on Kickstarter. Or, you could keep downing instant coffee, or lugging your Aeropress, or guzzling cowboy coffee (we hear a sock will in fact work as a filter, in a pinch …). Of course, this design might not suit everyone, as there are a number of individual coffee brewing preferences as there are drinkers, it seems, however at least it’s an incredibly compact unit at a not-too-silly price. More details on GoJo here.

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