Volatility (chemistry)

In chemistry and physics, volatility is the tendency of a compound to vaporize. Volatility is straight associated to a compound’s vapor pressure. At a provided temperature, a compound with higher vapor pressure vaporizes more readily than … a substance with a lower vapor pressure.… Read more Volatility (chemistry)

How to Drink Coffee in Space

  We love coffee and we think a day without coffee is the purgatory. Strike that – it’s Hell. How about coffee in space? How do astronauts beverage their coffee? … Read more This post firstly appeared at Coffee Brewing Methods, a website where you can learn how to make coffee at home, and how to choose your coffee brewing equipment and beans.… Read more How to Drink Coffee in Space


Ceramic is a terrific material to use in coffee industry. Ceramics, depending on the structure, can vary from a low thermal conductivity to a high thermal conductivity. Depending upon the particular thermal conductivity ceramics can be used for a large location of applications in the coffee market.… Read more Ceramic