Sage Bambino Plus Review

Sage Bambino Plus Coffee Machine Review 2021. 2 Years of Use (Coffee Blog) This isn’t just another Sage Bambino Plus review. This is a really detailed user review of the Sage Bambino coffee machine over a period of 2 years, tips & guides This is a genuine user review of the Sage Bambino Plus espresso machine, or the Breville Bambino Plus if you’re outside of Europe, written by someone (me, Kev)  who has a lot of experience with this espresso coffee machine.… Read more Sage Bambino Plus Review

These espresso coffee and coffee equipment are what we need in 2021

These 14 espresso and coffee deals are what we need in 2021 by StackCommerce (New York Post) What’s getting you through 2021? With the pandemic still keeping several of us at home, and increasing how often we work from home even when it ends, the simple pleasure of taking time out of your day to go to a cafe to enjoy a cup of joe is still a while off.… Read more These espresso coffee and coffee equipment are what we need in 2021


Affogato is an Italian type of coffee. An affogato in its purest sense is just two ingredients – ice cream and coffee. Affogato is prepared by pouring a shot of freshly brewed hot espresso over a scoop of vanilla gelato (ice cream).… Read more Affogato


Kahweol is a diterpene molecule found in the beans of Coffea arabica. It is structurally related to cafestol. Recent research suggests that kahweol may have beneficial effects on bone by inhibiting osteoclast differentiation. Another recent study confirmed that kahweol has anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic effects, offering a possible mechanism for the association found in epidemiological studies between consumption of unfiltered coffee and decreased risk of cancer.… Read more Kahweol

Caffè Latte

Caffè Latte is a drink commonly prepared with one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk. The name is a portmanteau of the Italian words Caffè, which means coffee, and Latte, which means milk. Internationally, the name is commonly shortened to simply latte.… Read more Caffè Latte


Frappuccino is a trademarked line of blended coffee beverages sold by Starbucks. It consists of coffee, blended with ice and other various ingredients, usually topped with whipped cream. Frappuccinos are also sold as bottled coffee beverages in stores and from vending machines.… Read more Frappuccino

Drum Coffee

Drum Coffee ( The Pure Coffee Blog exists to help people find tremendous coffee + tea, both in their backyard and in their travels. We go onsite and try it at home. Subject: Drum Coffee Location visited: Broadway St, Missoula, MT WiFi?:… Read more Drum Coffee

Coffee May Be Able To Identify If You Have The Coronavirus ( The latest champion in the fight against COVID-19 is, you guessed it, coffee. No, despite all evidence to the healthfulness of coffee, sipping it hasn’t been demonstrated to keep you from contracting the coronavirus, nevertheless it may truly help detect it.… Read more Coffee May Be Able To Identify If You Have The Coronavirus

Guatemala Sourcing Trip, PT’s Coffee

Guatemala Sourcing Trip, February 2020 (PT’s Coffee) Various projects in the works at our Direct Trade partner farms have us very excited about arrivals from Guatemala later this year! Our green buyer and director of operations recently traveled to Guatemala to visit our Direct Trade partners—including Finca El Socorro, Finca Santa Ana, and Finca La Providencia—and check up on various projects in the works.… Read more Guatemala Sourcing Trip, PT’s Coffee

HISTORY OF COFFEE: Coffee Beans are Second Most Traded Raw Material Worldwide

Coffee’s beginnings are enveloped in mystery and lore Coffee beans are now the second most traded raw material worldwide, after crude oil, with sales over $55 billion a year. Legend has it that one day, many hundreds of years ago in the Ethiopian highlands, Kaldi’s goats started eating some berries they found on a tree and became so energetic that they wouldn’t go to sleep that night.… Read more HISTORY OF COFFEE: Coffee Beans are Second Most Traded Raw Material Worldwide

Caffè Mocha

Caffè Mocha is a variation of the caffè latte, which is similarly prepared with espresso coffee and steamed milk but has the addition of chocolate, normally in the form of cocoa powder. The classic mocha is then topped with cappuccino foam which amounts to 0.75 of an inch of foam.… Read more Caffè Mocha


Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the accumulation of changes in a person over time. Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. Some dimensions of ageing grow and expand over time, while others decline.… Read more Ageing