DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe EC680 Review

We love DeLonghi espresso machines, and we do a review every time we get the chance to get our hands on one. This is a review of the DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe EC685. This machine is a level up from the EC155 that we reviewed recently. If you missed it, you can catch that review for a comparison.

The next level means that it is more expensive, but it also comes with a lot more toys to play with. If you feel like you want to invest a bit more time and money into your coffee routine, read on we say!

Summary – DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe EC680

An espresso machine that is very slim, and can fit almost anywhere in your kitchen. The panarello wand makes frothing milk an easy task. A decent price that makes it a great choice for beginners and unpretentious home baristas.

Specs DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe EC680


As usual, first and foremost, we have the basics. The DeLonghi EC685 sells for around $250. This machine does still have a single boiler system but at this point, we are talking about the best level of domestic single boiler machines.


The DeLonghi Deluxe is roughly 13 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The size of this machine is a major selling point. It is so sleek and slimline it will fit into any little corner you have, if kitchen space is an issue. It also weighs just 6 pounds, which makes it very easy to transport. However, this does mean that the machine is not as well-grounded as heavier machines. Let’s just say I had a little accident once!

Colors and Materials

The DeLonghi Dedica also comes in a variety of colors and finishings, all of which look very sleek I must say. It comes in black, red or metallic. The red machine has an essence of Iron Man about it. The materials are a combination of plastic and steel.

Like the EC155, the Dedica also has an aluminum version on the market called the DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe EC685M espresso machine. In this machine, you will find more aluminum detailing and finishings, such as the aluminum portafilter.

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3 in 1 Portafilter

Also like the EC155, the DeLonghi EC685 comes with the 3 in 1 portafilter. These will give you the ability to pull single shots, double shots or use the E.S.E coffee pods.

Water Tank

The removable water tank in this espresso maker has a capacity of 1.1 liters or 37 ounces compared to the EC155 which is 35 ounces. That is an extra espresso, if you were wondering!

Heating Tray

Like most other DeLonghi models, the top of the DeLonghi Deluxe serves as a heating tray so you can pre heat your cups. That’s always a nice plus! I find it very frustrating when I am served espresso in a cold cup. You know what happens when you pour such a tiny quantity in a cold cup – coffee gets cold in merely seconds!

DeLonghi Dedica Features

Now we are getting into the meat of why the DeLonghi Dedica carries the slightly weightier price tag. A colleague asked me before how it could be worth paying nearly $100 more for the DeLonghi EC685 compared to some other DeLonghi machines.

The truth that this machine is good value at that price tag. It comes with a whole host of features that its competitors don’t have. Also, most importantly, it just makes better coffee.


A big way in which this machine is different to the cheaper machines is the fact that it is a semi-automatic espresso machine. This means it is a hybrid between a manual espresso machine and an automatic espresso machine. It has some of the features of both.

With this machine, you don’t have to stop the shot by yourself. The EC685 is entirely programmable by you. This is simply done by holding down the shot button when you are pulling a shot until you reach the volume you want.

Then why is it semi-automatic, not fully automatic, I hear you ask? Well in the same way, this machine serves as a manual espresso machine. If you prefer to pull your shot manually each time for that extra bit of control, you can simply hold down the button each time in order to get your tailored espresso shot. The shot will stop when you take your hand off the button

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The programmable settings don’t stop there. You can program your machine depending on whether your water at home is soft or hard as well as program the standby mode that best suits your routine.

Due to this feature and a few others that I will talk about in a moment, the DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe makes very good coffee for its price.

Descaling function

One of the main reasons that a machine dies or stops making good coffee is lack of cleaning. This is made easy for you with the DeLonghi EC685. This machine comes with an automatic descaling function that is entirely automatic. There is no manual internal cleaning required. On top of this, a light will come on when your machine needs descaling. You don’t even have to keep track of how often you are descaling, the machine does that for you.

Drip Tray

The Drip tray that comes with the DeLonghi Dedica is very clever, I have to say. Firstly, unlike the EC155, this drip tray is adjustable. This means you can brew coffee directly into your favorite bigger cup, no transferring required. The EC685 also has an indicator to tell you when it needs emptying. No more gross overflow drip tray puddles. This machine does everything but drink your coffee for you!

Thermoblock Heating System

In previous articles, we have talked about Thermoblock heating technology so we won’t get into it here, but basically the machine heats pro cup and is quicker to heat up than it’s cheaper counterparts.

The thermoblock is made with aluminum and lined with steel. This means that the aluminum never comes in contact with the water it is heating. This is an important fact for those who are concerned about aluminum effects on the body.

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delonghi dedica ec680 frothing milk steam wand

delonghi dedica ec680 frothing milk steam wand

Steam Wand

The DeLonghi E685, like most of the other DeLonghi models, comes with a panarello steam wand. This wand, however, produces very good steam considering. You are able to get a lot closer to professional standard micro-foam with this wand.

However, if you are looking for a machine where you can really make industry standard micro foam and latte art, you are best off going with a more expensive machine with a double boiler system.

Accessories included

The DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe comes with a double function tool that serves as a measuring spoon and a tamper. As I have mentioned before in other articles, a hand held tamper is much better for tamping than a tamper that is attached to the machine. This is a nice little touch DeLonghi – you have our gratitude!


This machine ticks all of the boxes for an espresso machine in this price point and in this section of the market. It comes with lots of fun toys and features, it looks great and it makes delicious coffee.

The next step up for domestic coffee machines is quite a big one. Then we start talking about double boilers, individual group head systems, professional grade steam wands, durability and higher brewing pressure. These espresso machines are at least double the price of the DeLonghi EC685.

If you are a real coffee aficionado/nerd, a higher-end espresso machine is a worthy investment. However, if you are a normal person who enjoys a good cup of coffee, head out and get yourself one of these machines – we think they are great!

This post firstly appeared at Coffee Brewing Methods, a website where you can learn how to make coffee at home, and how to choose your coffee brewing equipment and beans.

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