Coffee Chiller – This Mug Turns Hot Coffee into Iced Coffee Almost Instantly

I love iced coffee. Not necessarily cold brew coffee with ice, even though iced cold brew is awesome too. I love an iced coffee made with espresso coffee. Haven’t seen a number of people sharing this choice of mine, however that’s what I enjoy a lot of. The problem with chilling espresso coffee is that by the time it cools down properly, it starts to oxidize, it changes taste, and loses the oomph. I tried chilling it on the ice, and it is acceptable, nevertheless it gets a little bit too diluted for my taste. What I like to do is to cool it down very fast, the put it in an ice cube tray, and freeze it into coffee ice cubes. This is the perfect coffee ever. The Zoku coffee chiller is the tool I needed to tweak my espresso ice cubes preparation to perfection.

The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker is a coffee chiller, excellent for chilling any hot made coffee into an instant cold drink that you can add some ice to, and enjoy on a hot day. 

A Coffee Chiller Tumbler – This Mug Saves Me a lot of Money

Zoku Coffee Chiller TumblerI love getting a ideal cup of iced coffee at the local coffee shop. There is a magical gesture in this ritual that just makes me feel good. The socializing, the barista, and the whole atmosphere of a coffee shop is just great.


But, I try to keep my visits to the coffee shop in control. Firstly, it can get expensive over time — especially if you like iced coffee as much as I do. Secondly, they don’t make the stuff as I do it, utilizing frozen coffee cubes.

Making a iced coffee at home is a great money-saving solution, and the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker, is the fantastic solution to avoid a watered down drink.

This remarkable nifty equipment turns hot coffee into iced coffee in literally a few minutes minutes, and my espresso coffee is cooled down immediately.

This insulated chilling coffee mug promises to turn hot coffee into iced coffee in a few minutes without watering down your coffee. I was a little bit reluctant when I saw the product initially, due to the reality that it seemed too good to be true. Nevertheless I thought that even if it was mildly better than my frozen coffee mug routine, it was still a win for me. I bought among these tumblers and gave it a try hoping the get my wallet a little break from my barista routine. Here is what I found about the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker and my honest review about it.

At a superficial look, this mug looks like any other travel mug, however the Zoku has some special features that turn it into a barista’s ought to have equipment. It has three separate parts: the inner core which is made of stainless steel, the protective sleeve brewed of typical plastic, (not the biggest quality if you ask but who cares…), and the straw, (made of plastic, I honestly don’t utilize it). The steel core is what assists you turn hot coffee into iced coffee.

Zoku Mugs

You have to place the inner core into your freezer for about eight hours, or more for best effects. When you are ready to brew, take it out of the freezer, slip it into the plastic sleeve, and pour your piping hot coffee into the cup. You don’t have to wait for your coffee to cool before pouring it into the cup, infact, I like to brew my coffee straight into the Zoku. I am able to pour my espresso shots straight into the chilling mug, and I can likewise make some wonderful manual drip, into this mug. I can’t make a Chemex straight into the cup, however I can pour it right after the brewing is done, and stop the oxidation immediately. I was impressed that my improvised manual drip utilizing a Kone took under six minutes to turn into the cold consume I essential.

If you don’t want to work with my procedure of freezing coffee into cubes, the ingest comes out totally chilled and you can add truly a few ice cubes, or frozen milk cubes, if that’s “your cup of tea”.

I appreciated that my beverage didn’t get watered down from the additional ice, due to the fact that it was never diluted in the first place. Better yet, the ice didn’t melt as quickly as it would in a plastic cup due to the reality that the stainless steel inner core of the tumbler kept my ingest cold.


If you prefer tea, the Zoku mug can come to your rescue as well. You can chill your chai, or any other tea that you prefer, and add some ice cubes. Add a bit of liquid milk and two or three frozen milk cubes in the mug, and you have you wonderful iced chai latte.

If you have a large family that callsfor iced caffeinated beverages, you probably need more than one coffee chiller tumbler. If you only have one Zoku, you will need to re-freeze the core each time. The problem is that freezing it takes 8 hours or more. The best is to plan ahead, and pop the steel core in the freezer the night before.

While Zoku is a best option when you want to take you cup with you, there are a few other instant coffee chiller options that could be better suited to your needs. Check the article at the link above for a full comparison.

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