Introducing 1Zpresso Hand Grinders

Coffee has been used since at least the 15th century for its properties of driving away fatigue and lethargy, so the cross over between professional industries and coffee aficionados is no surprise. In truth, it is often the case that doctors, accountants, the mining industry, and engineers are some of the coffees biggest fans! Now it’s time for the engineers to give back! Introducing: 1Zpresso; a Taiwan based company founded by a handful of engineers with a deep seeded love for specialty coffee. And before we go any further, lets clear up one fact: pronunciation. The “1” in 1Zpresso is pronounced “eee” in Chinese. Stop reading “One-Zed-Presso” – “Easypresso” is the way!

The product spec is clear, build quality is great and a dense feature-set that everyone can use with ease to make exceptional quality coffee – all at a reasonable price. Humble, right? No one has managed to make it look as easy as 1Zpresso. Every single item in their range features numerical identifiers, they’re all stainless steel body, and they’re dual-bearing shafts for greater stability and extraction quality. Another benefit of the 1Zpresso range is they’re all brewed to be disassembled for easy cleaning, and don’t require recalibration when put back together. Lets dive into the range and find your excellent coffee mill!


Price: $154
Utilize for: Filter Brewing
The Q2 is their starting point for filter coffee. To say “entry level” wouldn’t be fair; this coffee grinder is the most impressive coffee mill I’ve seen even close to this price point. When compared to similar entry level products, the Q2 has them beaten in every category. Grind ease and speed is taken care of by the 38mm stainless steel burr and dual bearing system, all packaged up conveniently enough to slide into your Aeropress if space is tight!

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Over and above the quality of their product, I’ve likewise had a simply great experience reading the literature and tables 1Zpresso article on their website: All too often I get the feeling that tool manufacturers don’t fully understand how their product is going to be used. Not the case with 1Zpresso; their dial-in chart was very helpful and accurate, allowing me to move their hand grinders from filter to espresso coffee grind perfectly within 2 adjustments.

So when 1Zpresso tell us that they’re a bunch of engineers who love specialty coffee, I believe them! Their products excel in every category, making both a thoroughly enjoyable user experience and a darn fine coffee. If you’re in the market for a hand coffee mill, look no further than 1Zpresso.

This post is based on the opinion from Five Senses, a wholesale coffee roaster and retail coffee seller, with an amazing website.

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