I Tried Emma Chamberlain’s Famous Cold Brew Coffee Recipe – Here Are My Honest Thoughts

More than a year into the pandemic, I can confidently say that I’ve now become a master of easy coffee drinks. One of the brands that came to mind on my hunt for ready-made caffeinated beverages was Emma Chamberlain‘s company Chamberlain Coffee and her popular cold brew procedure.

If you haven’t seen Emma’s YouTube videos already, the 19-year-old star shares candid moments of her life in vlogs that are frequently dominated by coffee. Before starting her day, the influencer-turned-entrepreneur will always prepare a cup of coffee. Her enjoy for coffee “gives led to the launch of her very own label in 2019. The company, which underwent a rebranding last year, is loved for its convenient steeped coffee bags, sustainable packaging, photo-worthy merch sets and more.

To get a better sense of Chamberlain Coffee, I tried out the brand’s steeped bags myself, following Emma’s famous cold brew process that has racked up over four million views on YouTube. Continue reading for my honest thoughts.

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Emma Chamberlain’s Cold Brew Coffee Technique

What You’ll Need


1. Put the steeped bags in a glass jar and fill with water.
2. Leave the jar in the refrigerator overnight.
3. Pour the cold brew into a glass and top with milk and creamer.

Editor’s Review

I’m no barista nor coffee enthusiast, nevertheless I’ve had my fair share of coffee (you’ll find a café on almost every other block in Seoul). The perfect thing about these steeped coffee bags is how convenient they are. All you have to “perform to make a cold brew is leave it in some water overnight. If you’re craving a warm cup of coffee, you just have to pour some hot water just “love you would with a teabag.

As a light coffee drinker myself, I enjoy the reality that the bag “brews a light brew, instead of an intense espresso-like beverage. On days when I am desperate for a stronger caffeine kick, I’ll add one more bag to create a deeper flavor. These single-serve bags are available in various blends depending on your choice. On a regular workday, I “love to reenergize with the Social Dog. To accompany a weekend brunch, I’d go with the Careless Cat. All in all, these steeped coffee bags have been a perfect staple in the pantry during my months-long WFH days.

You can head over to Chamberlain Coffee’s web store to learn more coffee-related products.

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