How To Properly Drink Cappuccino: What You Never Knew

Did you know that you’ve been consuming your cappuccino all wrong? Cappuccino is a consume that hailed from Italy and is now one of the the majority of popular coffee drinks around the world. Our love for that thick foam and the smooth coffee that swirls in our mouth is undeniable but we’re in reality consuming it the wrong way! Learn what mistakes you’ve been creating and how you should be guzzling cappuccino from now on.

drink cappuccino in italy

How To Appropriately Ingest Cappuccino: What You Never Knew

Coffee has probably been a long time kickstarter in our mornings. With its various kinds and unique preparation processes, it leads to the emergence of famous coffee shops around the world. Also, for every variety, coffee made its name and popularity.


Possibly considered as the most popular kind of coffee in the world, Cappuccino is typically consumed by Italians in the morning. It is considered as a consume to love with breakfast. And it is often partnered with a sweet pastry. It is brewed from a mixture of espresso and steamed milk. In Italy, it is mainly served as a single, or sometimes, double espresso shot with equal parts steamed and frothed milk on the top. It has a concentrated coffee taste with a mixture of sweetness from the lactose sugar in milk. Cappuccino has much more milk than espresso; that is why it is often served to children in Italy.

Cappuccino became popular in the United States, only over the last 25 years, or so. But, some people and experts claimed that it had an identity crisis since it spread and served worldwide. Cappuccino in America has a noticeable difference in the Italian one. Usually, well-made Cappuccino from Italy has an awesome taste and texture; as it has 50% milk, 50% milk foam, and 25mL of espresso. While on the other hand, American Cappuccinos definitely contain much more coffee, resulting in its excessively bitter or concentrated taste.

drink cappuccino in Italy

Facts and Tips on How to Properly Drink an Italian Cappuccino

Cappuccino in Italy is not only drunk by locals every time they want. They traditionally obey a primary rule for proper sipping of it. Some Americans buy Cappuccinos and different mixes of it in famous coffee shops such as Starbucks and drink it less in the morning and more in the late afternoon. When in reality, it should be served in the morning, which is typically done by Italians. And as much as possible, not after a meal or even in the evening. To them, it is LAW to consume it before 11 am. This is due to the truth that it may upset your stomach — especially those brewed with dark roasted beans which have more acidity.

That is one of the things people needs to consider when planning to take a sip of classic Cappuccino. Here are the other things to find out about the said famous Italian coffee:

  • Similar to other fast-food chains and coffee shops, you should pay for your Cappuccino first in the counter and wait for it to be done and served to you.
  • Requests from customers are likewise considered. Speak up specifically for your desired milk serving or cup, and such, before the bartender makes your order.
  • In Italy, if you don’t want to pay a higher amount for your order, you can ingest Cappuccino (or other types of coffee) while standing. Unless you necessarily need a sit.
  • Cappuccinos get its sweetness naturally from the milk, so it is usually no sugar added in it. But if you desired to do so, you need to do it yourself. Sugar comes in packets, or it should be scooped out.
  • To maintain cleanliness and ease of utilize, Italians often have a glass of water with them. Take a few sips of it before and after drinking the coffee to help you get rid of the milk or coffee taste left in your mouth.
  • If you encounter paying a Cappuccino ingest more than €2, you’re being cheated. Coffee in Italy is refreshingly cheap.

cappuccino in glass cup

How to Make a Cappuccino

Italian baristas are known to be really skilled and detailed in making Cappuccino mixes. They tend to nail the appropriate amount of ingredients, as well as their services for customers.

So, if you are wondering and wished to see how they are brewed, here are the things to remember for making a well-tasting Cappuccino:


For better effects, you will need the right amount of ingredients. The perfect ratio is usually ⅕ espresso coffee (25mL), ⅖ creamy frothed milk (100-140mL), and ⅖ milk foam (125mL).

Moka Pot or Espresso Machine

You will need roughly two shots for your Cappuccino. Follow the instructions for your specific machine to make a shot or two.

Steaming the Milk

Steam wands often already attached to some espresso coffee machines, creating it easier to create foam. Otherwise, spend half or a minute heating up the milk in the microwave.

Wet Cappuccino

If you desired to have more steamed milk to your drink than any other ingredient, ask for a wet cappuccino.

Dry Cappuccino

This is difficult and somehow, tricky to do. Nevertheless when creating this, a small amount of milk is poured and let the rest be foam.

Cappuccino, whether served plain alone or with mixes, still satisfy some energy-seekers. But, people have different flavors and desires when it comes to morning beverages. Coffee is one, and certainly a fantastic ingest to freshen you from an exhausting day and relax, sipping one good cup.

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