Coffee Grinders

It can be said that this area is where you fine tune your engine, developing your hand as you work through a gamut of grind sizes from fine to coarse, discovering which one is right for you. All the while recalling the flavour, mouth feel and satisfaction in anticipation of that first sip.

Just like fresh beans, good equipment and a loving hand make all the difference to the finished product, so too does the grind. Ultimately, whatever the grind profile you prefer, the end purpose is uniformity.

Coffee grinders start at around $20 and you can pay hundreds or even thousands for a serious coffee mill. If you haven’t outlaid thousands for a commercial machine or buried money into a barista course however you do have surplus cash to invest in this everyday ritual, your next worthwhile investment needs to be a worthy grinding machine.

At entry degree, coffee grinders will either be the manual or electric burr coffee grinder or the electric blade coffee grinder.

Bur Coffee mill

A burr grinder, grinds the coffee beans between two revolving abrasive surfaces. The distance between the two abrasive surfaces is set by the user and determines the size of the grind. When the distance is larger, the grind will be coarser (larger granules) and when the two abrasive surfaces are set close together, the grind will be fine (smaller granules).

Blade Coffee mill

The electric blade grinder, uses high speed spinning blades to slice through the coffee. You may well have an example in your pantry already. If you own a bar mixer, stick blender or spice mill there’s a good chance it’s an electric blade coffee mill. These are all using the same principals as a branded bean coffee mill would.

Burr Grinder Vs Blade Mill

The burr grinder controls the grind size by setting the distance between the burrs (abrasive surfaces). This technique gives the user more control and is more capable of producing a consistent grind than the choppiness of the propeller blades in a blade coffee grinder.

Blade Vs Burr Grinder 1

Burr grinders enhance coffee extraction by ensuring all the coffee particles are extracted uniformly.

The manual burr grinders are a great camping/travel companion and will give your arms a good exercise if nothing else. It’s also a back-up for when you have a caffeine urge in a power outage.

A purist might say ‘a Ninja with a Samurai sword would do a better job on your beans than a blade grinder’. That said, I have brewed my share of stovetops utilizing this method and have lived happily through the occasion.

 The blade grinding machine tends to hack at your beans as the blades rotate at high speed. The user controls the grind size by the amount of time the blade chops away at the beans. These types of grinders are not extremely consistent in grinding a uniform profile and some will not give you the range of grind profiles required for different styles of extraction.

Required tools for styling coffee

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