Test Drive: Enhance Your Grinding Experience Using Comandante’s Accessories

Users can personalize their grinding experience using tools made by the German company.



Photos by Tanya Nanetti

There are a variety of tools available to help you enjoy making a cup of coffee. However, one particular tool is considered to be essential is a grinder that is top-quality.

Unbeatable Quality

There are many brands that make coffee grinders that are both automatic and manual and the Comandante is often regarded as the top of the line. The Comandante comes with an Nitro Blade Burr, which is a significant improvement over the standard burr found in most grinders. Hand-crafted in Germany with a sleek design and a variety of colors to pick from The Comandante remains a dream for many coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts for a long time because of its expensive cost.

It’s important to know the source of this price. from. The short life span of products is environmentally unfriendly and are more costly for users over the long term (as they suggest, “don’t buy cheap: it’s too costly”). In this regard it is no surprise that the Comandante is constructed using top-quality components, with the intention that the grinder should – and you can be sure it will last for a long time.

When you finally purchase it, it’s nearly impossible not to be in love with the Comandante.

The grinder is easy to operate to set up, use, and clean. The simple grinding process that calculates the number of clicks it takes is ideal for re-creating a recipe either your own or that of a renowned coffee champion. The spare bean jar ideal to store additional coffee for an excursion.

Simple and valuable

These are only the most basic aspects Due to the availability of a variety of accessories grinding experience can be enhanced in a variety of different ways.

The way Joe McTaggart, community and customer support manager at Comandante describes: “Offering everything as an additional benefit is simply being clear about what is valuable is important, and also that nothing is unnecessary and no money is wasted and gives customers the best flexibility.”

I really appreciate this honest and clear method of thinking. I am in love with my Comandante (I even named it Negan in honor of Negan, the protagonist from The Walking Dead because it smashes coffee beans in the same way that Negan crushes his adversaries). It’s easy to see why was so thrilled when I finally got the opportunity to “pimp my grinder” and test the Comandante’s upgrade tools.

The Big Joe knob on the XL crank allows for easier grinding.

The Long Crank and the Bigger Knob

By default the Comandante comes with a standard crank and a small knob. It’s not too difficult to operate, but after you’ve tried the XL crank and its 55mm Big Joe knob, you will see the distinction. (This is particularly applicable when grinding harder, older coffee.) The long crank, through increasing leverage, can help make the grind smoother without having to exert more force, and the larger knob isn’t just easier to grasp but also assists in relaxing the hand and lower arm.

The Red Clix offers a more precise grind, with half-click size.

The Red Clix

Without an espresso machine in my home I had no idea initially the reason I would require this upgrade. Then I received a couple of samples of an incredible espresso roast to make at the coffee shop. The dialing process using the classic auto grinder I use to brew my brew bar appeared to be impossible. The other grinder that I use for daily espresso was a bit difficult as I had only 100g espresso roast.

What better time to test the Red Clix? It replaces the standard black dial of the Comandante to provide better, more precise dial-in. Because it reduces the size of each click it is a great alternative to it is a great alternative to the Red Clix is perfect to dial in coffee without using up too much.

Comandante’s coffee trays are ideal to sort beans.

The coffee tray

This Comandante upgrade might not be the best choice for everyday coffee brewing, however, these coffee trays can be handy for organizing the cupping of a cup of coffee. They’re also handy when you want to check your beans’ roasting qualities before making. It might seem a bit complicated for some, but I can guarantee you that once you start to remove bad beans from your batch in hand, it’s difficult to stop. These trays are great to get the job done.

The polymer jars that are left over are almost unbreakable.

The polymer bean that is left in the spare Jars

Although at first it seemed like an “futile” change to make my Comandante cooler The different colors of the containers actually provided a variety of new possibilities for me.

I hadn’t thought of freezing my coffee, but the brown and orange containers seemed perfect to do it. If I wanted to share a stunning coffee with a pal the container in purple was just right. I needed to “cheer up” my all-black Comandante to participate in a small competition in the field of coffee and the pink container was waiting for me. What about my trip to Paris? Three days of travel and three cups of coffee to make: red white, and blue containers.

They’re also unbreakable and perfect for daily use both outdoors and indoors.

I had a blast playing with all the Comandante upgrades. Of course there’s no need to purchase every upgrade however that’s the beauty of it: You can purchase only what you need for time, and if you’re in need of new features purchase a different upgrade. Do you grind only to filtering? A long crank is the ideal option to make your grinding process more comfortable. Did you just buy a new home espresso machine? Don’t overlook the Red Clix to find the perfect dial-in in a couple of steps.

With these improvements you can be sipping your perfect cup in the blink of an eye.


Tanya Nanetti (she/her) is a barista for specialty coffee who is a traveler, as well as a dreamer. When she’s not in front of the machine (or traveling to a remote area of the globe) she’s busy creating content for Coffee Insurrection which is a website dedicated to specialty coffees she’s developing together with her boyfriend.

This article was first published at Barista Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to baristas and coffee professionals.