Star Wars and Coffee Join the Alliance in Peru

The Force is concentrated thanks to Gino Kanashiro, and Origen Tostadores de Cafe.



There are lots of types of geeks in the world including specialty-coffee enthusiasts film geeks, Star Wars geeks and others. Gino Kanashiro — who is from Peru and is the founder of Origen Tostadores de Cafe, an espresso coffee bar and coffee shop is probably a good example geeks who cover each of these categories at least , by taking just an instant glance at his Instagram page, which reads, “I’m one with the Force and the Force is with me,” and that shows a lot of images and illustrations that combine coffee and Star Wars.

Gino is a lot of joyful when he’s combining three of his passions coffee, Star Wars and art.

Who is Gino in the real sense? Are they artists? Perhaps his work is more closely tied to coffee as the link on Origen Tostadores de Cafe means?

We talked with him about coffee and about the family … as well as, of course the topic of Star Wars.

Hey Gino! Thank you for taking time to talk about your Instagram account is filled with pictures, drawings and more. Are you a professional photographer, designer, or a little of both? Maybe neither?

I am not a graphic photographer or designer but I do utilize professionals in these areas.

There are two main subjects that you will be able to find in the posts you share on social media platforms: specialty coffees as well as Star Wars. Let’s begin by discussing coffee. Are you a professional coffee maker or a coffee addict? Where does your love of specialty coffee originate?

I am a roaster of coffee and a barista at Origen Tostadores de Cafe; I’ve always enjoyed coffee since I was a young child however, everything changed when I tried a special coffee for the first time at an in-person barista class led by the legendary Roukiat Delrue (a long-time educator of coffee and head judge for the World Coffee Championships). I can remember it well it was a wonderfully balanced coffee featuring a dried fruit taste as well as peach and chocolate with a slight hint of milk.

Tell us more about Origen Tostadores de Cafe. What date was it when it was launched? Was it your idea? Did all the awesome and unique decorations that we find in shops picked by you?

Origen Tostadores de Cafe is a family-run business that was established in March 2013 with a small retail store located in Lima, Peru. Since the starting, it’s always been a family enterprise that includes my mother, who is Origen’s pastry makerMy wife, Jessica Tejada [barista and manager of the company] and me as barista, roaster and trainer. … For the decor in the shop, they’re all created by a variety of Peruvian artists including illustrators, photographers and painters.

Let’s speak about Star Wars. When did you first fall in love with the series?

I’ve always been awestruck by Star Wars since I was a child.

(Spoiler ahead.)

The moment that reveals Darth Vader in “Episode V” telling Luke “I am your father” was enjoy at first sight.

Gino has a huge collection of Star Wars memorabilia which is used to create artwork that he posts on his Instagram page.

How and when did you decide to begin selecting drawings and images in relation to Star Wars and coffee? Where did the idea originate from?

The idea of images that are that are connected with Star Wars and coffee was derived from the way that I’ve always imagined a barista’s job ought to be: a Jedi to be known for his discipline, dedication to teamwork and discipline as well as an Sith with his enthusiasm, unending knowledge and power. All of this can be summarized by the Force and how fear, in a way its opposite, won’t allow you to go on.

Do you have masks or costumes? Or do you have Star Wars photographs graphically modified?

All the accessories, masks, as well as action figures, are part of my personal collection of which I am really proud.

Do you create art that is bold around Star Wars, or do you have other sources of inspiration?

The artwork is all an inspiration from Star Wars and coffee.

Gino believes in the artistic connections between coffee and Star Wars–both are interesting, entertaining and incite creativity.

Do you use lots of artists, both within the specialty coffee community and beyond? Do these collaborations also include drawing/painting/designing, or are they strictly associated with photography?

We are always working with a variety of local artists who are interested in mixing Star Wars and coffee in their work. This includes photography, illustrations videos animations, as well as plastic arts.

Apart from the shop’s decor Do you likewise utilize Star Wars art for coffee-related products and coffee bags too?

Yes, definitely. We lately utilized Star Wars art for limited-edition coffee bags.

What do you wish to be doing in the near future? Where do you believe your career will lead you?

Three shops are in operation and we have plans to open new stores.

Any other information about yourself or your life that you’d like to be able to share?

In addition to being the co-owner of Origen and working as a barista and a roaster I am extremely excited about preparing our baristas for the various competitions that are held throughout the year.

Then, last however not least, a fun game we all love to play We’ll pose you with 10 questions to know to get to find out you a bit more …

American coffee , or espresso coffee?

I enjoy them both.

Star Wars parts I-III Do you think it’s a good idea or not?


Your favorite artist?

… There are too a lot of options to pick from.

Choose a single coffee maker to bring to an island that is deserted.


Empire or Rebellion?


Canon or Nikon?


What is your favorite coffee processing and the origin?

Catuai anaerobic natural process from Finca Timbuyacu, Amazonas, Peru.

Score The Mandalorian from 1 to 10.

10x 1000000000.

What was your a lot of aspired job as a kid?

Drummer from the rock band.

An area (coffeeor Star Wars) that you haven’t yet created art on, however would like to get started as soon as you can?

Something comes from the PlayStation game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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