10 Best Coffee Shops in Irvine: Great Cafés to Try!

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When you’re in a new city, on vacation, or simply passing through, you need to discover where the best coffee shops are to get that much-needed jolt of caffeine in the mornings, or for some of us, all throughout the day. Irvine, California, is no exception. While it may be all warm and fun in the sun, if you love your coffee, hot or cold, a caffeine jolt is required.

Of course, every coffee shop has its own little perks, however the one thing every coffee shop on our list has in common is that the coffee smells ideal and aromas an awesome. Join us as we list the 10 best coffee shops in Irvine, California, as we see them.

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Top 10 Coffee Shops in Irvine, California:

1. Wall Writers Coffee

Wall Writers Coffee logo

  • 7755 Irvine Center Dr.

Are you looking for a place to study, write the next novel, or meet a deadline for work? Then you’ll want to head over to Wall Writers Coffee for fragrant coffee and a suitable environment to get the job done.

The baristas are friendly, there’s plenty of space to spread out, and the coffee is excellent. The décor in the shop is trendy yet cozy and puts off a light, airy vibe due to the fact that of the large ceiling, producing it easy to concentrate on work without sensation closed in. Once you decide to take a break from work, or if you’re an outside person, grab your coffee and sit on one of the porch swings on the back patio. There isn’t much to not advise this coffee shop, so make sure you give it a chance when you’re in Irvine. You’ll be glad that you did.

2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf logo

  • 5653 Alton Pkwy #200

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee shop serves only the highest quality tea and coffee. They have a philosophy of influencing lives from seed to cup, as they put it, and they’ve managed to do so well over the years.

They feel that paying the farmers, coffee growers, and exporters a fair price is important to the economy and producing ideal coffee and tea. The shop serves everything from original iced blend drinks to lattes and even features seasonal drinks such as Midnight Mocha Cookies & Cream Iced Blended Drinks. Of course, you can still get your average cup of coffee, as they work to please everyone.

Their teas are hand blended by professional tea masters, and the coffee is roasted fresh in small batches throughout the day so that you’ll always have fragrant coffee in your cup, no question what time of the day it is. So, when you’re in Irvine, make sure to stop into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a cup.

3. Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans logo

  • 28 Executive Park Ste 200

Gloria Jeans has been in business since 1979 and has a passion for serving great coffee to its customers. The brand grew from a coffee shop in Chicago to a brand with over 600 shops in 40 countries. That’s a commitment to coffee!

If you’re looking for a incredible cup of coffee, try Gloria Jeans. They source the beans from their farms and create their own coffee blends, so you’re in for a treat. If you’re looking for a world-class mug of coffee, whether at home or in their shop, this café delivers.

4. Kona Loa Coffee

Kona Loa Coffee logo

  • 2750 Alton Pkwy

Kona Loa Coffee’s founders fell in love with Hawaiian cuisine, coffee, and culture, then decided to bring it to their coffee business. So if you’re looking for a complete coffee experience, then the beans from Kona are the perfect way to do it.

If you’re unsure,  take a sip of one of their coffee drinks, and you’ll soon be a believer. It seems that the coffee beans grown in the humid climate and volcanic soil of Hawaii have quite an advantage over beans grown in other countries, and the coffee at Kona Loa Coffee proves it.

5. Starbucks

Starbucks logo

  • 3825 Alton Pkwy

You can’t have a list of the fantastic coffee shops in Irvine, California, without putting Starbucks somewhere on that list. Starbucks is dedicated to bringing coffee lovers everywhere the ideal caffeinated beverage, brewed from the highest-quality coffee beans.

If you’re a coffee-lover, you already find out that Starbucks has every kind of coffee consume imaginable, from plain old black coffee to crafted cold coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, teas, and more. The coffee is wonderful, the baristas are friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed as well.

6. Sootha Coffee

  • Northwood Town Center 4840 Irvine Blvd Ste 111

While it doesn’t have the various coffee drinks that some of the shops on our list include, Sootha Coffee crafted the list due to the reality that of the an awesome coffee. They serve espresso coffee coffee and brewed coffee utilizing 100% organic coffee beans, and the beans are freshly roasted in the shop. It’s the fantastic place to sit quietly and enjoy a an wonderful cup of joe.

This specialty coffee shop is a privately-owned, privately-operated coffee shop, and they likewise serve healthy food to go with their coffee.

7. KRISP Fresh Living

KRISP Fresh Living logo

  • 2272 Michelson Dr. Ste 100

KRISP Fresh Living comes in at number seven on our list due to the fact that of its fresh living philosophy. While the shop serves perfect coffee, the real star of KRISP Fresh Living is its food. It has a fabulous selection of fresh, made-to-order foods on the menu, including smoothies, avocado toast, and superfood bowls.

They likewise have sandwiches and salads for those who want to grab their food and coffee, then head out to start their day.KRISP  has an impressive tea selection that will please even the pickiest tea drinkers. So no matter what you want in a beverage or meal, visit KRISP Fresh Living, and they’ll have it made to order.

8. Coffee Dose

Coffee Dose logo

  • 7 Corporate Park

The Coffee Dose is a popular coffee business that tends to push the envelope with its therapeutic lattes, souvenirs, and cold brew coffees. They also serve keto and vegan-friendly snacks. Since they work with only the highest quality, natural ingredients in their coffees and food, this is a popular place for coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

The coffee is delicious, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the food is fantastic. What more could you ask for?

9. The Lost Bean

The Lost Bean logo

  • 4632 Barranca Pkwy

Known in the neighborhood for its selection of exotic teas, healthy meals, and scrumptious food, The Lost Bean is also a best place to gather with friends. Some fan favorites you can get at the café are the Pumpkin Pie Latte, Candy Pecan Latte, and any iced mocha or blended almond milk latte you could ask for.

The food is delicious, and the desserts are mouthwateringly sinful. So, make sure you stop in for a cup of coffee and a treat every time you’re in the neighborhood.

10. Lollicup

Lollicup logo

  • 14805 Jeffery Rd Ste A

Lollicup is where drink lovers who are huge fans of boba bubble tea go to satisfy their cravings. They serve a variety of milk teas and latte tastes, and you can decide which boba flavor you wish to add to the mix.

The café also serves healthy menu choices and snacks, and they are open well into the night. Lollicup has indoor and outdoor seating options, a friendly atmosphere, and boba, of course. So, stop in any time for a snack, a boba tea, or a plain old cup of coffee!

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Final Thoughts

These are our top 10 choices for the perfect coffee shops in Irvine, California. Whether you’re looking to work, write, play, or study, the atmosphere in among these shops will meet your callsfor. If you’re looking for wonderful food and an amazing coffee, then all of these will deliver that in spades. See you there!

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