Vault Coffee

Subject: Vault Coffee Location: Coeur d’Alene, ID WiFi?: yes Rating: 5+ [see key] One day I will make it to Coeur d’Alene in the summertime, but for now I will glory in its winter. Even amidst a dreary winter day, the city remains resplendent, with its majestic vistas and mostly walkable town.… Read more Vault Coffee

High-density lipoprotein

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is one of the five major groups of lipoproteins, which, in order of sizes, largest to smallest, are chylomicrons, VLDL, IDL, LDL, and HDL, which enable lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides to be transported within the water-based bloodstream.… Read more High-density lipoprotein

Latte macchiato

The latte macchiato is a coffee beverage that is similar to the caffè latte and is a longer version of the caffè macchiato, also known as the espresso macchiato. These three beverages are often confused for one another. As with the espresso macchiato, the name is derived from the Italian word “macchiato”, which means stained.… Read more Latte macchiato
coffee beans

Shop the Top 30 Coffees of 2020

Coffee Review‘s mission is to help consumers identify and purchase superior quality coffees and, in the process, help drive demand and increase prices to reward farmers and roasters who invest time, passion, and capital in producing high quality coffee beans. Many of our readers seek out highly rated coffees for their own enjoyment or as thoughtful gifts for coffee lovers. … Read more Shop the Top 30 Coffees of 2020

Burr vs Blade Coffee Grinder

If you are starting to brew at home, and are looking for a good coffee grinder, or you are looking to replace the old cheap blade grinder, you find the right page. We will help you know how the two compare, when you need to pay the premium for a burr coffee mill, and when is OK to stick with your blade coffee grinder.… Read more Burr vs Blade Coffee Grinder

Caffè Latte

Caffè Latte is a drink commonly prepared with one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk. The name is a portmanteau of the Italian words Caffè, which means coffee, and Latte, which means milk. Internationally, the name is commonly shortened to simply latte.… Read more Caffè Latte

Pour over coffee

Pour over coffee is a type of filter coffee that is brewed manually, using a pour over coffee maker. Some popular pour over coffee makers are the Chemex, the Hario V60 and the Kalita Wave. A pour over coffee maker is a device generally made from plastic metal or glass.… Read more Pour over coffee

World Barista Champion Shares Genius Coffee Hack Only Experts Know – DMARGE

Coffee is an indispensable day to day ritual for many of us, whether that’s picking up your order at your favourite cafe on the way to work or relaxing in the afternoon with a hot brew you’ve brewed yourself. However actually as there’s a big difference between a McDonalds’ burger and a burger from a Michelin-starred restaurant, there’s a big difference in impacts between different coffee-making methods – as well as a big price difference.… Read more World Barista Champion Shares Genius Coffee Hack Only Experts Know – DMARGE

Best Cheap Espresso Machines

For a coffee lover on a budget, buying an espresso coffee machine might prove challenging. How do you choose the best cheap espresso machine? What are the criteria that separate a good espresso brewer from a bad one? This is what this article proposes, to familiarize you with the technology, and give you a few hints on how to choose the perfect espresso machine for your budget.… Read more Best Cheap Espresso Machines


A cortado is an espresso based beverage that may refer to any espresso and milk combination in small quantities. Most commonly, it consists of a single espresso with an equal amount of steamed or scalded milk that does not contain texture or microfoam.… Read more Cortado

Coffee percolator

A coffee percolator is a type of pot used to brew coffee. The name stems from the word “percolate” which means to cause (a solvent) to pass through a permeable substance especially for extracting a soluble constituent. In the case of coffee-brewing the solvent is water, the permeable substance is the coffee grounds, and the soluble constituents are the chemical compounds that give coffee its color, taste, aroma, and stimulating properties.… Read more Coffee percolator

Red eye

In coffee terms a red eye refers to a coffee beverage that consists of a regular cup of drip filter coffee with an espresso shot added to it. This coffee is named the red eye because of the extra caffeine content in the beverage that is needed for those who are take early morning flights referred to as red eye flights, very often from the east coast to the west coast of the United States.… Read more Red eye

Black eye

A black eye coffee is a standard cup of filter coffee with a double shot of espresso poured on top. The black eye is so named because the double espresso shot has the appearance of a black eye when it is poured into the filter coffee.… Read more Black eye

Long black

A long black is a style of coffee, most commonly found in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. It is now becoming available in the UK, predominantly in London. A long black was supposedly created in Italy to please American tourists who would ask Italian baristas for a large cup of black coffee, similar to filter coffee that is more typically drunk in America.… Read more Long black


The breve coffee is a coffee beverage that is comparable to the caffè latte. The breve was invented as an Americanised version of the latte, where half n’ half milk and cream is used instead of only using milk. This produces a sweeter, richer and creamier coffee than the latte.… Read more Breve

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse chain based in Canton, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts. Its logo is two D’s side by side in orange and hot pink. The company primarily competes with Starbucks, as over half the company’s business is in coffee sales, and with Krispy Kreme for doughnut sales.… Read more Dunkin’ Donuts